"6 Weeks to Chic focused me on sustaining a fitness routine along with following a meal plan that produced real results in just six weeks. It also gave me the motivation to continue with the workouts after the six weeks was officially over and remain mindful of good eating habits, which I've taken with me. I encourage anyone who needs a jump start on their health and fitness routine, or a little structure to get them going, to try it out! The classes are challenging - you really are getting a great workout - but fun, and all done in a welcoming environment at Studio Poise."

- Kristina 

"I have been a pretty chunky girl all my life. I am Dominican and as you know we love to eat some Rice & Beans with some Pollo Guisado boy! Carbs are the main source of food, along with fried plantains with salami. My mother did not really instill good eating habits. But growing up I did a little dancing here & there that kept me kinda fit but never where I really wanted to be. After I had my first child I had reached the 225 lbs & honestly could not take the weight off. But I can honestly say that I wasn’t taking care of myself either. I did go through a lot of yo yo diets, but always fell short. Maybe it’s because I never stuck through it. To make a long story short, I went through a lot of emotional issues and used food as a form of soothing my emotional pain before I knew it was 336 lbs with 2 children. I was always feeling tired and could not keep up with my little ones. I had a lot of back pain that then travelled down to my legs. Until one day I had enough and decided to look into Gastric Bypass Surgery. Trust me getting the surgery wasn’t easy. I had a lot hurdles to jump over before I could get this procedure done. I had to go through therapy to help me get better and deal with the fact that eating my way through my emotions wasn’t the way to resolve my overweight problem. Needless to say I had the surgery and lost a tremendous amount of weight. I plateaued at around 185-190 lbs. But even though I did look better I wasn’t feeling any better. My knees stopped hurting but the back pain still persisted to the point that my husband couldn’t even hug me it was so bad. My doctor recommended to have physical therapy, but the thought of someone touching me just made me cry. The other suggestion he stated that I needed to get my core strengthened because your abs support your back.  In the back of my mind I always wanted to take a Zumba class but I was never the kind of person who ever made time for myself at all the Gastric Bypass was as far as I went as to making time for myself. But I realized that I needed to more than just the surgery. I needed to establish a healthy lifestyle that included exercise. But I’m not much of a gym rat. I never felt comfortable attending gyms. But anyway I met the lovely Danielle Roback through & when she told me she owned a studio that teached Zumba (it was as if GOD had placed here in my life just when I needed it!) and asked her right away what her Zumba schedule looked like. I went on a Saturday morning and since I had a little dancing background, I figured it wouldn’t be that hard of a class. Boy was I wrong! I had 2 left feet and I had no stamina I could barely keep up with the class. But what I loved about the studio poise is that women there didn’t make me feel out of place because I didn’t know the dance moves. They were very loving and encouraging. Never made me feel out of place. As a matter of fact they embraced me with open arms.  They were all so positive. That’s when I became hooked because it never felt like work going there. What I also love about studio poise that it’s an all woman’s studio and that fact that the women who attended the studio are all different in age and sizes and the instructresses are also real women it made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. The more stamina I developed the more classes I started to take. Besides Zumba with the lovely Danielle, I’m a believer of Piloxing with the beautiful Diana Davis. She made me love coming to work out even more. Never mind you, that the purpose of going to poise was for strengthening my abs but didn’t start taking a poise classes until after. Once I started to take the Abnoxious Arms and Abs class which was tough on my back, but I felt determined not to give up. I then fell in love with the Poise Stretch & Tone Class with Mellissa Petrella and Now Poise with Becky Parker. The girls modified everything for me so my back wouldn’t hurt as much as my abs became stronger the more I can do. I am able to do so many things physically. I’m so proud of myself. I can plank now! Although there are days where I’m not feeling so hot but I still manage to find the strength to go to poise and work out. I just want to thank Danielle and the wonderful staff of instructresses for helping me start loving to work out. Studio Poise has become my second home. I know that I still have long ways to go, But I know that I can achieve them with studio poise help and support from all the friends-ships that I have made."

- Karina

"My takeaways are that the 6 Weeks to Chic program was a great kick-start to get me back into a fitness routine. The Facebook group helped keep me on track and cheer on my fellow 6-Weekers! Personally, the program helped me achieve my goal of getting fit enough to get pregnant."

- Alyssa

"6 Weeks to Chic was definitely a great experience! Of course, the sessions at Studio Poise are always challenging and fun, but the extra motivation provided by Danielle and the rest of the group was the best part! The Facebook group was inspiring and helped to keep the shared goal in sight. I lost inches, gained strength, and reshaped my body - and actually enjoyed every minute of the challenge!"

- Michele

"I had heard about 6 weeks to Chic from many of my girlfriends that had been attending Studio Poise months before me. To make this very long story short, I finally caved joined Studio Poise and signed up for the Winter20146w2c program. Already being very weary of the whole process (being a new member, and afraid of all things that sparkle ;) I showed up to the first meeting not knowing what to expect. I walked in to find many other new members just as weary as myself. We sat down discussed what our goals were, where we had struggles, and where we had been successful. Danielle explained how the program worked, and showed us simple meal plan to follow. Always being a diehard WW member, I really was not sure how I was going to make this work for me. Danielle’s plan was easy to follow and did not include the stress of counting and adding up points. What I enjoyed most about 6w2c is the emphasis on being stress free. Make healthy choices, sweat a least an hour a day, and let the stress go. After the 6 weeks program my final measurements added up to a total of a 12 inch loss throughout my whole body! I continue to work out at Studio Poise and have seen some great results! I am stronger, and certainly more chic than I was six months ago. The 6 week program provides a great support system with many people that are sharing the same struggles!"

- Danielle G.

"I've been taking classes at SP since March 2013 & I've seen the 6 weeks to chic program come up numerous times. I always had an excuse why I couldn't make the commitment (the holidays were coming, too many parties, I'm going away...etc.) Finally, this past June, I signed up without ever looking back.

Weight has been a life long battle for me coming from a very large (in more ways than one) Italian family. I already attended classes on a regular basis so I knew that wasn't my issue. My problem was that I really needed help learning how to eat. I went from eating 1 big meal a day to balancing everything out & learning how to appreciate protein. I also learned about Shakeology & now I really look forward to breakfast where I never made time for it before. I actually lost inches while eating!"

- Leanne


"I started as a 6 Weeks to Chicer and that's when I got hooked. It was definitely a challenge (and still is), but it was the exact kick start I needed to really change my lifestyle for the better."

- Meg

"You will not regret it!!!!!!! It's work and commitment however we are all worth it !!!!!! You will be forever changed."

- Sue

"I can't say enough about Studio Poise's 6 Weeks to Chic Program. I took one class with Danielle prior to signing up for the program and I was instantly hooked! I truly have never enjoyed working out until joining Studio Poise. I get excited to work out now! The 6 week program has brought me half way to my final goal in a very short time. This is the first summer in a long time that I can say I can't wait for bikini season!"

- Ashley

"With the help of 6 Weeks to Chic, I was able to walk down the aisle on my wedding day with complete confidence. For years, I have struggled with my weight, constantly going up and down as the result of stress. It was hard to stay focused for any period of time longer than a month, until I joined Studio Poise. Thanks to the program, I was able to find my motivation and determination to become healthy again.

I decided to join the 6 Weeks to Chic challenge to help me keep on track to reaching my ultimate goal - fitting into my wedding dress. This series was exactly what I needed to help keep me focused. With the challenge of completing 5 classes per week, following a meal plan, and having measurements taken at the beginning, half-way point, and end was a great motivator. In the end, not only did I fit into my wedding dress but I actually had to have multiple alterations done due to the inches I lost! If it wasn't for Danielle, I would have not been as confident as I was on my wedding day!"

- Allison