Lindsey quigley

Born and raised on the island of Nantucket Lindsey grew up with a wanderlust for the ocean and the conviction that she and her sister may be part mermaid. She arrived at Studio Poise in February of 2012 via her mother-in-law Diane who was a long-time student of Danielle’s. After just a few classes Lindsey was hooked and quickly her passion for classes turned into a profession. She is licensed to teach Poise Method, Poise Fusion, SPiit, Poised & HOT Bodies, Piloxing® Barre in addition to holding a certification for  Perinatal Fitness- AFAA.

Lindsey is the epitome of a Poised and Preggo mom having had both her children - Cameron and Alycia since joining the studio. She knows all too well how important carving out “me” time is for moms everywhere and is always willing to offer modifications or discuss pregnancy with any of our expecting moms! She strives everyday to make activity a fun part of her life as well as her children's knowing the value a good exercise regimen has on your overall well-being. Lindsey’s favorite part of Studio Poise is the true community feel - it also doesn't hurt that everyone both client and Instructresses alike are the most supportive encouraging and positive people around! If you are there just for a class, or you are on a fitness mission or just flat out struggling and need support Studio Poise has the fix. When not teaching or playing with Cam and Alycia she can be found enjoying the ocean with her husband Scott or walking their pups.