Crystal Gubelman

Since beginning her own journey as a Poised and Ready Bride, Crystal Gubelman has never stopped "sweating for the wedding". Now three years later, she continues to challenge herself and the ladies of Studio Poise in SPIIT, Poise Fusion, and of course Poise. Her certifications include these classes as well as Strike a Poise, but she decided to leave the dancing to the pros - you know who you are! That is not to say Crystal doesn't love to dance - in fact, she is no stranger to musical theater and graduated Merrimack College as the President of their Theater Guild and is also a classically trained singer - who knew? Being an Instructress at Studio Poise gives Crystal those same excited, butterfly feelings that she felt being on stage for so many years.

Crystal also works full time in the glamorous industry of insurance and has also been a freelance Make-up Artist for the last four years servicing weddings all over the greater Boston Area. She is a busy bee, especially on the weekends, but always makes time to be at the Studio during the week because it is where her heart is happy! We all know the saying "If you do what you love, you'll never work another day in your life". Crystal firmly believes the same can be said for your workout. To her, Studio Poise never feels like a chore or a punishment, but rather a reward and a celebration of how far her fitness level has come in just a few years. The amazing energy, infectious happiness, and true camaraderie among women is what makes Studio Poise so special in Crystal's eye and for this she is forever grateful to be part of such a wonderful place - a little safe haven for women everywhere. When not at the studio Crystal enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, Tony.