Christina Coorey

How did you become part of the Poise Family?

Wanted a new place to take barre classes and loved it since the first visit. Very shortly after the first class Danielle had openings for instructresses and with my background teaching other fitness it was a good fit!

What is your favorite thing about Studio Poise?

The community that has been created. It's not just about getting a workout in and although the classes are all amazing and set us apart from many other studios, the clients and instructresses have a bond like no other. I've never seen such welcoming people all ready to help new clients, promote the studio to friends, and so much more. The energy and positivity is infectious and carried throughout every interaction at SP. Everyone is an immediate member of the family as soon as they walk through the door and I love sharing such a happy place with others.

Favorite move?


Favorite Quote:

"Success is not just about what you accomplish in life, but what you inspire others to do."

When you are not in the studio how do you sparkle?

Continuing to take other classes such as dance and yoga to keep my mind and body always working, gaining knowledge to bring back to classes, and to have fun not only while taking the class, but being able to socialize and see new things.

If nothing was holding you back (time, money, etc) what would you do with your life?

Exactly what I do right now! Teach fitness and dance full time while continuing to build by education/knowledge of it by taking classes and training. Trying to inspire others and help them be happy, motivated, and reach their fitness goals all while having fun.