Transformation Thursday: Jasmine Duston

There are few things more exciting than your wedding day and this week's transformation comes from one of Studio Poise's most recent blushing brides! Jasmine Duston (nee Gonzalez) joined the Poise family exactly one year ago and has completely changed her outlook on her body just in time to walk down the aisle feeling poised and fabulous.  Congrats, Jasmine! We are so proud of you and wish you and Greg a wonderful life together.

Transformation Thursday: Aubrey Badger

Here at Poise Nation we pride ourselves on building a family focused on fitness. Today's transformation story comes from Aubrey Badger, part of our Studio Poise family and the sister-in-law of last week's feature, Sam! Aubrey kicks ass and takes names in every class she takes; fierce dedicated to her workouts and her healthy life. Aubrey's story is one every mom out there can relate to - thanks for sharing your journey with us, Aubrey!

Transformation Thursday: Samantha Rogers

Transformations are so different and so personal, sharing these stories has become the highlight of our week here at Studio Poise. Today Samantha Rogers' shares her journey with us after spending the last 6 months living a Poised and healthy life. We loving seeing Sam rocking every class she takes with a smile and a look of pure determination on her face. We are incredibly proud of her progress and the part Studio Poise has played in her healthy lifestyle makeover. We can't wait to see where she goes next!

Transformation Thursday: Carly Mercurio

The Studio Poise family is excited to share Carly's story with you today in our Transformation Thursday post!  Carly joined the Studio Poise in the Winter of 2015 and soon became a frequent flyer and part of the SP family We think many of you will be able to relate to Carly's honest and refreshing depiction of life after college!

Transformation Thursday: Michelle & Julia Azzari

The Studio Poise family is thrilled to feature our mother/daughter duo Michelle and Julia Azzari in today's Transformation Thursday post! This fabulous duo joined Studio Poise in February and have participated in our Six Weeks to Chic program. They quickly became regulars in classes - motivating each other and our community. We are excited to share their story with you and excited to watch them both continue sweating, sparkling and shining!