Transformation Thursday: Carly Mercurio

The Studio Poise family is excited to share Carly's story with you today in our Transformation Thursday post!  Carly joined the Studio Poise in the Winter of 2015 and soon became a frequent flyer and part of the SP family We think many of you will be able to relate to Carly's honest and refreshing depiction of life after college!

Transformation Thursday: Greatest Hits!

Our Spring 2016 edition of 6 Weeks 2 Chic starts up this weekend, so to celebrate, we wanted to take a look back at some of our success stories. If you're on the fence about trying the 6W2C experience, check out this post - you could be our next Transformation Thursday guest star!

Marathon Mondays: Nutrition for Race Day Success

It's not all about the running. In order to finish strong on race day, runners in training need to be mindful of their diet and how they're fueling up for their big runs! Today, Erica shares how she's been working on her nutrition, with one month to go before the race.