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Poised and Preggo Update: Kristina Burkhardt

Poised and Preggo Update: Kristina Burkhardt

Checking in on our fabulous preggo ladies from last year, we recently caught up with Kristina Burkhardt while she was kicking ass and taking names in a Poise Fusion class. Kristina was featured back in November; while 8 months pregnant, she was throwing some of the hardest punches we had ever seen in Piloxing Barre! We're constantly inspired by Kristina's "can do" attitude and are so excited to hear how her first few months of motherhood have gone!

Studio Happenings Feb 20-26

Happy school vacation week, Poise Nation! We wanted to make sure we took good care of you during this break, which is why this edition of Studio Happenings is a little late - we wanted to make sure this post was filled with exciting news and updates! Read on to find out about some extra vacation week classes we've added for you, plus updates on substitutes and class promotions!

Poised and Preggo Pages: Kristina Burkhardt

Here at Studio Poise we know pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming time in any woman's life. We've noticed several of our moms-to-be hustling hard in classes and we wanted to showcase a few of them during their pregnancies. Kristina Burkhardt has been calling SP home since spring of 2015 and we're so glad her healthy pregnancy has been spent here at the studio! We'll be following up with Kristina after her little girl arrives to see how staying healthy during her journey to motherhood helps with labor and delivery. Thanks for sharing your story, Kristina, we can't wait to welcome your little girl to the Studio Poise community!