Studio Happenings Jan 30-Feb 5

Happy Monday, Poise Nation! We're back on track with our regular Monday morning Studio Happenings posting. This week we've got some class coverage announcements, a schedule change that will make our TRX devotees happy, plus some reminders about how to make the most of your Studio Poise membership. Read on for all the details!

Schedule changes this week

We've got a few substitution notices for this week! As always, our online schedule will reflect the most up-to-date information for your class, but whenever possible we will announce substitutions here in the Studio Happenings blog. We appreciate your flexibility!

Monday 1/30: 5pm Poise Stretch & Tone Xpress will be covered by Brittany
Thursday 2/2: 6:15pm Pound will be replaced by Arms & Ab(noxious) with Chrissy
Saturday 2/4: 10am Poise Xpress will be covered by Crystal

Thursdays are shaking up!

TRX fans, we heard you loud and clear, and this week's announcement will help to solve those #waitlistprobs you've all been experiencing. Our new Thursday lineup will make room for another session of Erica's TRX Fusion class - so if you haven't tried out this incredible work out, now's your chance!

New Thursday Schedule, effective February 2:
Poised & Preggo with Danielle - 5:30pm start time
TRX Fusion with Erica - 6:15pm start time

Are you signed up for text alerts?

We know that hanging around waiting to find out if you've made it off the wait list can be frustrating - that #waitlistprobs hashtag exists for a reason! However, with our text alert service, you can be notified the second you get into a class. Best of all, you can respond via text to confirm your spot in class - it's that easy. To make sure you receive text alerts, just follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your online account.
2. Click the "My Info" tab.
3. Click "Edit" next to your Personal Profile information.
4. Enter your cell phone number in the "Mobile Phone" box.
5. Next to "Notification Preference," select "Email and text messages" if you want to continue to receive both forms of notice, or "Text messages only" if you no longer want to receive email notifications. We recommend keeping both email and text!
6. Click "Save." 

That's all there is to it - and now you'll receive the latest updates on your schedule as soon as they happen! 

Don't forget your barresocks!

As a reminder, please remember that studio slippers or socks WITH GRIPS are required for all barre and Poise method classes - check the class description to confirm what footwear you need for class. If you are wearing regular socks, our staff will ask you to switch to barresocks, which are available for purchase in the studio for $12. This is for your safety - without the grips, regular socks do not have the traction to keep you safe when planking, performing moves like mountain climbers, or when lunging or jumping. We know adjusting to the new policy is taking time, but please remember that we put our footwear policy in place to keep you safe! The good news is, we never sacrifice style at Studio Poise, so we have a TON of cute options to choose from - your grippy socks can help you express your personality! Take some time to check out the different styles so you can show a little flair while you're pulsing at the barre.

The quest for 5...

We're so excited to support our New England Patriots in their quest for their fifth Super Bowl ring! Stay tuned for a special offer to celebrate the Pats advancing to the big game - we'll have more detail later this week. We'll be rocking our Pats gear in class throughout the week, so show your team spirit as you sweat and sparkle with us!

Studio Happenings: Week of 2/8

We hope you're staying safe and warm on this snowy Friday, Poise Nation! We've got lots brewing for next week so that you have something to look forward to - read on to find out what we've got in store!

Transformation Thursday: Erica Ferrell

Today, another entry in our special Instructress Transformation series. Have you noticed that the Studio Poise schedule has had some new additions over the past year? It's important to us to always keep things fresh for you, #poisenation - but those classes don't just appear out of thin air! Our instructress staff puts many, many hours into developing and testing new class concepts before we add them to the schedule. Today, Erica Ferrell shares her process of working with Danielle to develop T-BarRe-Xtreme, which has quickly become a new client favorite. Take it away, Erica!

I sat down to write this blog post the other day and was having a bit of trouble putting the words onto paper.  Then, this morning, after teaching my Monday morning double, it all came to me.  I believe the best way to be inspired is by working with those who inspire  you.  The clients at Studio Poise inspire me.  As an instructor, it is a wonderful experience to see those you teach work so hard.  Today, as I looked around during class, I was inspired once again and reminded why I decided to take the certification as a TRX instructor.  For most coming to class, this is their first experience using TRX.  Watching the improvement in technique, maintaining hard & deeper angles, holding high planks, but moveover enjoying the workout is the best feeling for me as an instructor. Thank you, Poise Nation!

When I discovered TRX training, I was in physical therapy during a time of my life when I was dealing with debilitating back pain. I learned several exercises that I continued to keep up with after my physical therapy was finished.  I loved it so much that I decided to take it to the next level and become a certified TRX instructor.  I wanted to understand and fully know how to teach TRX, modify movements, and create programs to incorporate TRX training.  For those who have taken my class, I know you hear me say it time and again, of utmost importance on the TRX is form.  Over reps.  Its not how many reps you can do, but how many reps you can do correctly and with proper form that matter. Truthfully, this is the case in any type of exercise, but when you are utilizing the TRX correctly, you will feel the difference immediately. And that difference will equal fast results!

Thanks to Danielle Bradley, she gave me the opportunity to create a program that combined TRX & barre, which we have name T-BaRre-Xtreme for Studio Poise.  Taking the tools I learned during my barre training at Studio Poise & TRX training through the national TRX training program, I wrote a program designed with clients on the barre & TRX simultaneously, with alternating rounds of activities.  Starting with a quick but heart blasting cardio warm up, clients then alternate through intervals of barre and TRX, working arms, legs, and ending with core.  Taking cues from the class, and other instructors, the class has evolved a bit over time and now incorporates rounds of high intensity interval training as well.  During class creation, in fact, I relied heavily on the other instructresses feedback as a I worked to tweak the program, the lay out and design, so that it flowed easily from exercise on barre to TRX with ease of form and function.  It was important to me to make the class challenging, but also work for any fitness level.  I feel confident now that T-Barre-Xtreme does just that.

As an instructor, I am constantly learning.  I read and follow blogs and websites.  I have attended every Poised & Learning seminar at Studio Poise, and I have already signed up for the national group fitness instructor certification (AFFA) which I will complete this year.  I even have my own TRX straps that I use and practice on at home to come up with new moves and modifications to keep classes fun and fresh!

I LOVE teaching fitness classes and thanks to Danielle, I have found my passion.  It sounds cliche, I know, but it is the truth.  It is this passion that I bring to each and every class that I teach.  And it is this passion that drives me to want to learn, study, and continually work to be a better instructor.

Image (c) Suzanna March Photography 2015

Image (c) Suzanna March Photography 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Erica! The efforts to always keep classes fresh and exciting are so appreciated by everyone who has ever had the pleasure of taking your class. Poise Nation, you can catch T-BarRe-Xtreme with Erica Mondays @ 10am, Tuesdays @ 4:30pm, and Thursdays @ 10am & 7pm!

New Class Highlights: T-BarRe-Xtreme

New Class Highlights: T-BarRe-Xtreme

Have you heard the buzz about the newest addition to the Studio Poise schedule? T-BarRe-Xtreme debuted on April 10, and it's getting awesome reviews. This class utilizes TRX  Suspension Training & Barreworke elements to create the ultimate body sculpting, heart pumping, full body work out!