Poised and Ready Bride

Transformation Thursday: Jasmine Duston

There are few things more exciting than your wedding day and this week's transformation comes from one of Studio Poise's most recent blushing brides! Jasmine Duston (nee Gonzalez) joined the Poise family exactly one year ago and has completely changed her outlook on her body just in time to walk down the aisle feeling poised and fabulous.  Congrats, Jasmine! We are so proud of you and wish you and Greg a wonderful life together.

Transformation Thursday: Sarah Simmons

For today's Transformation Thursday, meet Sarah Simmons. Sarah's fantastic sense of humor and kind spirit makes her a fixture at the studio, and her progress since joining Studio Poise is an inspiration. Sarah's a veteran of our Six Weeks to Chic program, and recently her team won the 6W2C Battle of the Seasons! To hear more about Sarah's journey, read on...

I bought a wedding gown that didn’t fit.

I never considered myself to be out of shape or overweight. I had a fairly active childhood: dance classes, basketball in the driveway, bike rides to get slush in the summer, and the endless walking kids in the city tend to do. When I entered college my activity level dropped but I didn’t gain the “freshman 15.” I did start to fill out and decided that a 22-year-old body just had to be different than an 18 year old body - it was science or something! It had nothing to do with going out to eat or indulging in a beverage or two at parties. Nope. Not in my mind.

Cut to 2010 when I started dating my husband. A semester into graduate school my eating habits were all wrong. I worked a full time job, went to school at night and maintained a new relationship. Dinner, when it happened, often happened at 9:30 or 10pm. I drank protein drinks to be “healthy”, but ate snacks from vending machines, every graduate class started with snacks and candy, and every Sunday we went out for breakfast. Every. Sunday. The “freshman 15” I didn’t gain at 18 quickly turned into the “graduate 20” I gained at 24.

I tried everything. Dance classes, running, going to the gym, at home workouts. I hated them all. I had no motivation. I wanted to look different, to feel different, but I didn’t know what to do. I needed a change and that came in December 2013, just two months after I bought my gown, when I joined Studio Poise.

Thanks to my PFF/BFF Chrissy Clawson I found a place that not only makes working out fun, but creates a community of women with common goals all ready to motivate each other to be our best selves.

I joined the Spring 2014 Six Weeks to Chic program and participated in the Spring It On Challenge simultaneously. I was determined. I said in our first 6W2C meeting that I wanted to wear a bikini on my honeymoon on top of fitting into my dress. The program was incredibly easy to follow and I ended up losing 11 inches overall! (And won the Battle of the Seasons with a few of my fellow chic ladies this past fall!) Participating in classes with women who have become friends not only made this transformation enjoyable; it felt easy. In a very short period of time my clothes fit better, I had more energy, and I was generally happier with myself. It was (and is) so wonderful to workout in a place that feels like home.

My unending gratitude goes out to the women who have become friends through classes taken together, Book Club, and Whole Foods dates (with the occasional wine and Zumba freestyle here and there!), to Chrissy for introducing me to a life changing place and for always being my cheerleader, and to Danielle and the amazing instructresses who make working out fun and are the cornerstones of the SP community.

Oh, and the dress? I fit into it and I wore a bikini in Hawaii without hesitation.

Thank you for sharing your incredible transformation with us, Sarah! We love having you at the studio and sparkling alongside you. 

If you'd like to see yourself in a future #TransformationThursday, but aren't sure how to get started, think about trying the Six Weeks to Chic program! This six week program has been the kickstarter for many of the transformations we've shown on this blog. We're launching a new session on Saturday, March 28, and there's still time to register!