Food Friday

Foodie Fridays: Super Bowl Snacks Edition

#Poisenation will always come first around here, but Patriots Nation is a close second, and we can't wait to cheer on our hometown team in Super Bowl LI this weekend! The game may be the focus, but let's be honest - the game time snacks are also pretty darn important. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite 6 Weeks 2 Chic approved football snacks as well as some tips for enjoying your Super Bowl party without going totally off the rails.

Foodie Friday: Cool Summer Treats

In the dog days of summer, nothing tastes quite as good as a cold treat straight from the freezer. Read on for some suggestions for some healthy frozen dessert ideas that will satisfy your cravings without undermining your fitness efforts!

If you're craving something fast and easy...

... try frozen grapes! There's nothing simpler than cleaning a bag of green grapes and popping them in the freezer. They're a sweet treat that will cool you down when the temperatures get high.

If you're missing those ice pops from childhood...

... try freezing greek yogurt tubes! Chobani and Siggi's both make fruit-flavored Greek yogurt in tubes that will give you the same sensation of the push-up ice pops from when we were kids, but without the artificial sugar, flavoring, and coloring. Bonus: these yogurt tubes also pack a nice protein punch! They're a great post-workout option that will cool you down and give you a protein boost to aid in recovery. As always, make sure to check the nutrition labels to avoid unexpected added sugars or artificial ingredients.

If you want to kick your frozen treat up a notch...

... why not try making your own gourmet popsicles? There are countless recipes out there for homemade popsicles using only fresh ingredients. Some of our favorite flavor combinations include watermelon and mint, strawberry and basil, and pineapple with ginger. You don't need fancy popsicle molds for this - they can be made in paper dixie cups! 

and if absolutely nothing but the real thing will do...

... then treat yourself! If you're really dying for an ice cream cone, you're actually better off going with a small serving of the real stuff, instead of opting for a reduced fat or low-calorie version. These so-called "healthier" options often have additives that are even worse for your body than the real thing. Real ice cream contains milk, cream, sugar, and eggs; if you look at the ingredient list for the reduced fat version, you'll see corn syrup, as well as chemical additives engineered to mimic the creaminess and richness of real ice cream. No thanks! Everyone needs a cheat meal now and then, so go ahead and treat yourself. Bonus: if you opt to walk to a local ice cream shop, then you're also getting some activity in with your treat -- and then you won't have a half-full carton of ice cream tempting you from your freezer.

what are some of your favorite healthy swaps for frozen summer treats? let us know in the comments!