Marathon Monday: Conquering the final long run!

With three weeks to go until the 2016 Boston Marathon, this weekend marked Erica's final long run before she begins to taper. 21 miles is no small feat - read on to hear how she planned for the day and got through the mileage!

Marathon Monday: On overcoming fear

As you know from last week's introductory marathon monday post, our very own Erica Ferrell will be running the 2016 Boston Marathon. In the weeks leading up to the race, she'll be sharing her thoughts on her training and giving us a peek into what it takes to prepare for a race like this. This week, she shares the highs and lows of training, and what it takes to mentally overcome our fears. With that, take it away, Erica!

Introducing Marathon Mondays!

Our very own instructress Erica Ferrell will be running the 2016 Boston Marathon! With six weeks to go until the big race, we're introducing Marathon Mondays - a weekly check in on Erica's training. Tune in every week for training tips, recipes to keep your nutrition in check while fueling up, and to show Erica support in her efforts!