Studio Poise Joins Avapalooza

This Saturday, March 28, Team Studio Poise will be joining in the 4th annual Avapalooza to help find a cure for AT/RT. Read on to learn more about this fantastic event and to find out how to participate or contribute!

What is AT/RT? 

Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) is deadly tumor diagnosed in childhood. AT/RT most commonly presents as a brain tumor, but can occur elsewhere in the central nervous system including the spinal cord.

AT/RT is highly malignant and thus has a high mortality rate. The age of the child at diagnosis has a significant correlation to survival rates. Children over three have seen survival rates in the 70-80% range. Unfortunately, for children under three, that rate falls to 10%. Because most children diagnosed with AT/RT are under three, the overall survival rate has historically been very low.

There currently is no known cure for AT/RT. However, there has been dramatic improvements in treatments recently and there is increased optimism that these new treatments will soon lead to significantly higher survival rates.  (http://www.cureatrt.org/about.php)

What is Avapalooza all about?

Avapalooza is an annual event inspired by Avalanna Routh, who touched so many people before losing her brave fight against AT/RT, a deadly form of brain cancer. Last year over 500 people participated in Avapalooza and raised $126,000 for pediatric cancer. Help us reach our 2015 goal of $200,000!

In 2008, Cameron and Aileen Routh launched Cure AT/RT to fund better treatments and ultimately find a cure for atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors, the cancer afflicting their three year old daughter, Avalanna. 

Our goal is to cure all children suffering from AT/RT. Avalanna created global awareness of this rare pediatric brain cancer. She also helped raise funds that enabled early lab work and a first clinical trial at Dana Farber for AT/RT.  But we have so much work to do to achieve our goal and we need your help. 

Avalanna came here with a purpose. She brought global awareness to AT/RT. She expanded people's hearts & minds. Avalanna inspired doctors at Dana Farber to commit to finding a cure for this deadly disease. We need to continue the movement that Avalanna launched to save the lives of children suffering from AT/RT and save the hearts of their parents who suffer daily.

How did Studio Poise become involved with Avapalooza?

When I met Jacob Bosse back in 2013, I didn't just meet him - but I met the youthful spirit of a beautiful little girl named Avalanna.  From the jump, Jake's love and devotion for Avalanna, her legacy, and his mission to complete her work were clear to me. Little by little, I learned more and more about AT/RT, and this little girl who he fights so hard to support still to this day. Jake heals through yoga, but strives as a teacher through his commitment for helping children, just like Avalanna, fight this rare and complex disease. While I was never able to meet Avalanna, I am so honored to have met such a great friend in Jake, and witness the utmost compassion of her mother, Aileen. I am grateful to be a part of this fight myself now; as Avalanna has captured my own heart in her quest to find a cure! <3 ~Danielle Roback

Avalanna and I met through a mutual friend. I remember the day I met Av, she was smiling and strutting around without a care in the world. Fresh out of a mani/pedi and rapidly typing away on her iPhone like a pro as she carried on a conversation with me. She was a special little girl and within an instant, I had been bitten by Av’s love bug. Her infectious laugh and smile will forever be with me.

After some assistance in fundraising efforts for Avalanna’s parents, they invited me in to sit of the Board of Directors for The Cure AT/RT Now Fund. A not-profit organization that raises funds for the research of pediatric brain cancer, in the loving memory of Avalanna. Together we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for research at Dana Farber, supporting the efforts of Dr. Charlie Roberts. 

For me, its an absolute joy and pleasure to help lead our efforts alongside of so many other amazing and generous people. Avalanna is a part of my heart and together we can find a cure. ~Yoga Jake 

I want to join team studio poise! How can I participate?

You have two chances to join Team Studio Poise at Avapalooza 2015. Our very own Kaitlyn Fazio will be leading a spin session at 4pm. You can register to participate in the spinning session by clicking here

Danielle Roback will be teaching Strike a Poise! at 6pm. To register for this class, please click here. 

If you would like to help with the team's fundraising efforts, make sure to also join Team Studio Poise on the official Avapalooza Crowdrise page! 

I can't make it to Avapalooza this year! Is there any other way to support team studio poise? 

We will be collecting donations at the Lynnfield location all week; there is an Avapalooza donation box at the front desk. You can also make a donation online through our Crowdrise page. Thank you for supporting this awesome cause!