Introducing Poise Punch

Starting this week, you may have noticed a new addition to the Studio Poise schedule - Poise Punch debuted and we're so excited for you to give it a try! This class is very different from what you might be used to from our studio, so we grabbed Danielle for a quick Q&A about this new offering. Read on to get the scoop on the new class, and come to the studio yourself to give it a try! 

Why add boxing to the Studio Poise schedule? 

Ironically enough, boxing/kickboxing with gloves and bags was always one of the plans for Studio Poise before I opened in 2012. I've made no secrets about Billy Blanks being one of my major fitness inspirations, and before teaching classes of my own, boxing/kickboxing was by far my personal workout of choice. I was trained and certified to teach it through a local martial arts studio and did so years and years ago before I opened the studio. It was always something I had on the back burner and was actually priority #1 after my first son, Jacob, was born. Very shortly thereafter I learned I was pregnant with my second son, Jackson, so adding the class wasn't ideal timing - but I started making the arrangements to get it going in my last trimester so that it could launch and get underway before anything held it up again - so here we are!

Poise Punch adds an entirely new element of workout to our existing classes at Studio Poise. There really is nothing better than hitting/kicking as hard as you can after a long day/week/month and I am psyched to be able to offer this to our clients! The cardio is different than our current offerings as we are not just bouncing around. Clients are testing their strength, agility, hand-eye coordination, and mental toughness as they burn calories and reduce stress on the bags! 

But we already had Poise *N Kick - how is this different?

GREAT question! Diana will be teaching both "flavors" of class, so I asked her to explain the differences between them: 

In Poise *N Kick, expect the instructor to lead you through a cardio kickboxing class that follows the Poise Method Signature Format. You’ll link various punches and kicks to the beat of fun, upbeat music. In between cardio kickboxing combos, you will perform various poise strength exercises for a great total body workout. There is no contact in this class. Grip socks, in-studio footwear, or clean sneakers required

In our new class Poised Punch think SPiit meets Million Dollar Baby! You’ll use a boxing bag and your instructor will provide various traditional boxing and kickboxing combos and you will take them to the bag! You will move from the bag to various cardio and strength exercises using weights, resistance bands, and your body to increase stamina and strength. Clean indoor sneakers are required, and we also STRONGLY RECOMMEND investing in boxing gloves (sold in studio) - more on that in a bit.

In both classes you will leave feeling strong, sweaty, and empowered. You’ll work hard but have lots of fun. Both classes are challenging but modifications are provided and as always you can take the class at your pace. They both involve boxing and kickboxing but are executed differently.

Who will be teaching these classes? How were they trained?

In addition to their own backgrounds and qualifications, most of our instructors are trained in-house, but for Poise Punch I wanted to change it up. As much as I may know about it through my own training - I am not a boxer. I brought in family friend and professional boxer/trainer, Russell Kimber, to train us all on the most efficient way to teach people how to box and also give them a kick-ass workout. Russell is at the top of The Who's Who of boxing on the North Shore, and I knew he was the guy to get us where I wanted to be in terms of a boxing class. I know myself, instructors, and most of the community are stoked about this new addition and I can't wait to get the feedback and see the amazing results on our clients! Punch hard, smile harder! :-)

Why do I need boxing gloves for this class?

While the class is getting off the ground, we aren't requiring gloves, but once people have had a chance to try the class out (and I hope you'll fall in love with it the way our instructresses did during training!) the gloves will become a requirement for the class. Boxing is most effective when you're able to really put your weight behind a punch; this gives you a true full body workout that incorporates your leg and core muscles for stability and your arm muscles for the punch. The boxing gloves protect your hand so that you can land solid punches on the bag. Without the protection of the gloves, you won't be able to put your full weight behind your punches, and you won't be getting an effective workout - at least not without seriously risking your hands! We have gloves available for purchase in studio and we strongly recommend buying a pair if you like the Poise Punch format. You'll love how much more effective your workout will become!

Okay, I'm intrigued. When can I give Poise Punch a try?

Glad you asked! We've got plenty of class offerings on our schedule - jump into any one of these classes to try Poise Punch. We also definitely want your feedback on the class so let us know what you think!

Wednesdays, 7:15pm with Chrissy
Fridays, 10:05am, Xpress class with Danielle
Saturdays, 10:15am, Xpress class with Danielle
Sundays, 8am with Diana (starts 5/14)