Spring It On

Snow is melting, the sun is putting in guest appearances, and temperatures are slowly climbing above freezing. Spring is coming, and around Studio Poise, that can only mean one thing: it's time for the third annual Spring It On challenge!

The third annual Spring It On challenge begins Monday, April 6. This challenge is a great opportunity to form new friendships with the people sparkling alongside you in class, to push yourself through friendly competition, and to help kickstart your fitness for summer!




Interested in joining? The challenge runs on a March Madness-style bracket system. Teams of three poisers will go head-to-head each week. Team match ups in the first round will be picked at random, and the team with the most classes that week advances to the next round. Each person can earn up to five classes per week for their team; in the case of a tie, the team's total number of classes  will be tallied for the week, with no cap on the classes. The winner will be announced at the end of the month, and the winning team not only gets ultimate bragging rights - they also receive a free unlimited membership for the month of May!





You can either form your own team of three, or join as a solo member and we can help to assign you to a team. Please email claudia@studio-poise.com with the members of your team and your team name, or email Claudia your name and let her know that you're looking for a team. All team names must be received by Sunday evening to qualify for the challenge, as the first week of competition begins Monday morning!