Poised for the Holidays: Survival Guide Part 1

We're smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, and we know that even the most loyal members of #poisenation are feeling the challenge of keeping up with a healthy lifestyle in the face of all the festivities. Over the next week, we'll be sharing some of our favorite holiday survival tips here on the blog, to help you stay poised through the season. 

Today's tip might sound challenging, but hear us out. It's so important that you maintain your commitment to sweat once a day. It's part of our Six Weeks to Chic routine for a reason - getting in even 30 minutes of activity on a daily basis will help you to feel your best. If you're traveling for the holiday, it may initially feel overwhelming to try to fit in that activity, but think outside the box! Even if you can't make it to Studio Poise for your normal classes, there are plenty of ways to get your sweat on.

  • Take a walk or go for a run - This is a great way to clear your head during all the holiday hubbub. Just get out of your house and get moving for at least 30 minutes! If you're home with your family, invite someone to join you and use the time to have a one-on-one catch up session. Window shopping can count, too - just keep up a good pace, and if you make any purchases, throw in some bicep curls with those shopping bags!
  • Try a new online fitness resource - There are so many great resources available for free online. If you can't make it to the studio and it's just too cold to face an outside run/walk, do some quick googling to find videos to follow along with. We love Sarah Fit, Fit Sugar, Blogilates, and Fitness Blender, to get you started. If you have any favorites not mentioned here, share suggestions in the comments!
  • Try a new type of class - If you're traveling over the holidays, do your research before you leave. Traveling offers a great opportunity to try classes that might not be offered near your home. Many studios offer a free trial class to first time clients, so you can sweat without breaking the bank! Make it a fit date with friends that you haven't seen in a while so you can get your sweat on while socializing.
  • Pack your mat and poise from home - While nothing can quite compare to bicycle crunches alongside your fellow members of #poisenation, it is possible to recreate the Poise method from home! Pack your yoga mat and reference this Poised At Home workout, put together by the one and only D-Ro:
  1. Legs in table top, breathe in through nose, out through mouth, slowly roll shoulder blades up off mat. Small space between chin and chest, squeeze at your belly button, slightly tuck your hips under and round your back. Hold and breathe, begin pulsing arms strong to front. Do this for 1 straight minute, when ready, extend legs and do one more minute.

  2. Relax. Roll back up, passé kicks slow, then pick up. 10 sets slow, 32 set singles. Keep shoulder blades up and stop knee at your hips, extend legs LONG.

  3. Legs in table top, do 32 sets small, controlled crunches.

  4. Extend legs to ceiling, head and shoulders rest. Lower legs down and back up slowly. Continue until you literally cannot anymore and hold legs one-inch from floor for 1 minute. Remember to breath, belly in and pressing to the mat.

  5. Cross-over - 32 sets. Pick up the pace for another 32 sets if you can without stopping. Exhale on the switch.

  6. Repeat crunches.

  7. Roll to one side and extend legs long, squeezing your butt up, shoulders back, chest open, and chin lifted. No weight on your shoulder, squeeze the belly and keep weight centered. While pointing your top leg as long as you can, begin to pulse up and down, small and quick. When you physically cannot continue, draw small circles front for 16, then small circles back for 16. THEN, 16 more pulses up and down...stretch it out. REPEAT ON OTHER SIDE.

  8. Plank. Hold plank for 2 minutes, TWICE. On the second round, try to raise your right leg and hold for 1 minute, then your left leg and hold for 1 minute. BREATHE!

  9. Pushups - 2 sets of 16 all the way down and up. Hold at the bottom on your very last one for a count of 8.

  10. On your back, press feet into floor and bend knees. Relax head, neck, shoulders. Belly pulls in and hips lift to ceiling. Small pulses squeezing your butt for 2 straight minutes. From there, lift right leg and pulse for 16. Lower leg and lift your left - pulse for 16. Back to center, lift hips for last count of 8. Relax.

  11. ‪#‎ARMSOFDEATH‬. Keep those arms moving for 5 straight minutes, don't drop - don't stop. You got it!

  12. STRETCH. You earned it!

Whatever you do, make sure to get moving for at least 30 minutes a day, every day, throughout the holidays. You'll feel stronger and more energized after you get your sweat on, and it will help to keep you on track! 

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