Marathon Monday: Reflections on the Finish Line

It's been one week since Erica officially completed the 2016 Boston Marathon! Now that she's had some time to reflect, she shares with us her race day story. Read on for the conclusion of our special Marathon Monday series!

Marathon Monday: Conquering the final long run!

With three weeks to go until the 2016 Boston Marathon, this weekend marked Erica's final long run before she begins to taper. 21 miles is no small feat - read on to hear how she planned for the day and got through the mileage!

Marathon Mondays: Nutrition for Race Day Success

It's not all about the running. In order to finish strong on race day, runners in training need to be mindful of their diet and how they're fueling up for their big runs! Today, Erica shares how she's been working on her nutrition, with one month to go before the race.