Studio Happenings: important app update

Effective October 5th, 2018 the Studio Poise app will no longer be active. We kindly ask all of our members to switch over to the MINDBODY app. Need help navigating the app? Read below for assistance!!!

step 1: download the MINDBODY app that can be found in any smart phone device app store.


step 2: sign into your MINDBODY app using your studio poise username (email) and password. you do not need to create a new account.


step 3: after logging in, this next screen below will appear. this screen will appear every time that you open up the app. in order to register for classes, click on the middle box that says “studio poise”.

step 4: once you have followed step 3, our studio poise weekly schedule will appear. select the class you would like to attend by hitting “BOOK NOW”

mindbody 4.png

step 6: after hitting “BOOK NOW” a small tab will pop up at the bottom of the page. select “BOOK” for a final time.

book now.png

step 7: you are good to go! select “ADD TO CALANDER” to remind you of your class, or just exit out of the tab and come workout with SP!