studio Happenings:

We have reached the mid-summer point! Celebrate this 2018 summer by buying a class series 8 classes for $78!  Be sure to buy your package before Tuesday, July 17.  Lined up for the rest of the summer is new classes and lots of fun! Read more and keep up with studio happenings blog every week to get your inside scoop on SP.

Summertime Fun

Added to the weekly schedule are to studio favorites, Poise Fusion and Poise Flow!

Join Krissy on Wednesdays starting July 17 at 12:15 PM for Poise Fusion . Poise Fusion is  great combo of Barreworke that is designed to tone and tighten those summer bods. The best part is it’s an express class! Go in between errands on your break at work, or even before you hit some sun time!  be sure to take advantage of this summer class before fall comes around again.

Come yoga with Sarah! Poise Power Flow is a great mixture of traditional yoga and relaxation that strengthens your mind and body . Starting 7/24 join Sarah on Tuesdays at 5 PM to get you motivated for the rest of the week be sure to BYOM


 On the Green

 Another Thirsty Thursday for the books! Thank you to all who participated on the green with Studio Poise and Lululemon.  We at Studio Poise hope everyone enjoyed booty shakin' and meditating. Keep an eye out for more out of studio events!


 Try Something New

Love to Dance? Get out of your comfort zone this summer and join us for any of our dance classes!  Studio Poise offers a wide variety of different cardio classes that get you moving your feet and losing calories!  Dance classes are offered weekly on the schedule.

Bootyworke- Dedicate a whole hour to that largest muscle group in your body. Poise Booty focuses serious attention on sculpting, lifting, and tightening that booty! A combo in cardio, weights, and barre— a workout perfect even for Kim Kardashian! 

Monday at 6:30pm with Carly and Saturday at 9:15am with Danielle

Bodyworke- A spinoff of the booty bumpin’ class, Bootyworke! Join Danielle on Friday morning’s at 9am for the best hour of non-stop cardio! Bodyworke is the perfect combo of pilates, dance,  and kickboxing. Think you can handle it? Sign up this week! 

Zumba- If you haven’t taken Zumba at SP yet, you’re missing the best party in Lynnfield! Dance the night away with owner Danielle for Zumba Expess! Learn combos to a wide variety of songs from oldies to today’s best hits! Zumba is the perfect way to burn off those unwanted calories! 

Tuesday at 6:45pm and Thursday at 5:30pm

Strike a Poise- Strike a Poise+ is one of the signature classes at SP. Bring your dancing shoes and join  instructress, Brittany, for a total body workout. You’ll be moving your feet all day! At the end of the class wind down with 10 minutes of corework for the ultimate workout! 

Saturday at 8:15am with Brittany