Studio Happenings: March 6-12

If you're judging solely by the weather, it would be nearly impossible to know what month we're in - is it June? Is it January? Do I wear my Uggs or my flip flops to the studio?! - but the calendar assures us we've made it to March, and that means March Madness is upon us! Read on to find out how you can get in on the March Madness action, and find out about all our SP updates!

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March Madness is Coming!

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We're bringing March Madness back to Studio Poise for the third year! We're switching things up a bit this year - instead of filling out a traditional bracket, you'll be choosing ten teams that you think have a good shot at going far in the tournament. Points will be awarded after each round of games, and will be based on both the round (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and the teams' seeding (anywhere from 1-16, based on their 2016-2017 performance and ranking). So playing it safe and choosing the #1 seeds might get you more teams through to the later rounds, but it won't be worth as much as a Cinderella pick going to the Elite Eight. Confused by all of this but still want to get in on the fun? This is an even easier way to choose based on your favorite mascots and team colors! 

It's $10 to participate, and all proceeds will go to a donation fund. The winner at the end of the tournament will be able to choose the nonprofit that receives the proceeds from the challenge - so not only is this a great way to get involved with the NCAA tournament, you also have a chance to make a difference for your favorite charity. 

The teams will be announced next Sunday, March 12, so stay tuned to next week's Studio Happenings blog for details on how to join the challenge!

Schedule Changes

We have a few schedule changes to announce:

5:15pm - Poise Xpress with Chrissy is back!
6:15pm - Poise Fire with Brittany (note time change!)

12pm Poise Fusion cancelled this week.
Effective Friday 3/17, Kelsey will be taking over this class!

Danielle's classes will be cancelled until mid-April, when she's back from her maternity leave following the arrival of Baby Bradley 2.0. This includes Body by Bradley, Arm Candy, and Poise Gentle Flow. Check out our online schedule to find some other options to get your Saturday sweat on!

Policy Reminders - Don't Forget!

We are so grateful to everyone in Poise Nation for helping to keep the community at Studio Poise so welcoming and upbeat. However, there are a few things we can all remember that will help to keep our Studio such a special place to be. You can see all of our official policies on our website by clicking here, but we wanted to call out a few key items:

Remember our late cancellation policy. If it's less than 12 hours prior to the class start time, you will lose your class (pay-by-class members) or you will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee (unlimited members). We carry wait lists for many of our classes, so canceling early saves you the fee and also ensures that someone else can take your spot. No exceptions to this policy! 

Please arrive on time! We understand that things can happen - especially given the unpredictable traffic here in MA! - but we ask that you make every effort to arrive on time for your classes. We will not allow anyone to join class if it is more than 10 minutes past the start time, out of respect to the other members and the instructresses. 

No cell phones allowed in studio. Your workouts are most effective when you're not only physically present, but also mentally focused. Please leave your cell phone in the studio lobby, and allow yourself to fully commit to your workout.

Please wipe down ALL equipment after each class. We provide antibacterial wipes that should be used to wipe down any equipment you used during the class. This includes your mat, your weights, the handles of the resistance bands -- if you touched it, please wipe it! This helps to keep our studio clean and prevents the spread of illness. 

Remember our footwear policy. We require in-studio footwear for ALL classes except our yoga-based classes. There are two types of footwear: CLEAN sneakers for cardio classes, and either studio slippers or barresocks WITH GRIP for barre and Poise method classes. If you're ever unsure of what footwear you'll need, please review our Class Descriptions page - we specify our required footwear for each and every class.