Studio Happenings: March 27-April 2

It's been a busy week around here, welcoming Jackson Bradley to the Studio Poise family, but have no fear - we still found some time to get you your Studio Happenings update! We've got score updates for our current challenges, plus a major announcement for the 2017 Spring It On challenge! 

NCAA March Madness for Charity: Score Update

This year's March Madness tournament has been a roller coaster! We've got two #1 seeds remaining (Gonzaga and UNC), but we've also got a three- and a seven-seed (Oregon and South Carolina) surprising everyone by making it to the Final Four. Thanks to #11 Xavier hanging on into the Elite Eight, our 2016 Champion, Colleen Myers, is holding on to the top spot in our leaderboard, but Meg Manley has a strong showing in the second place spot, and with both South Carolina and Oregon in her picks, she could still take it all. We'll post an update next week prior to Monday's championship game - best of luck to our participants and your charities!

Strike a Poise! Musical March Madness Update

Thank you to everyone for voting in our Musical March Madness brackets! We wrapped up the first round, and while Danielle's song selections won each of her match ups, we've still got strong contenders from Courtney, Brittany and Diana making it into the second round. Our next round of voting will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Final Four song voting will be posted Friday. We'll announce the two championship contender songs in next week's Studio Happenings post along with the link to vote! Check back on Facebook this week to find the poll links, and keep voting to make sure your favorite Strike a Poise! jams continue on to the next round.

Spring it On - Team Registration Open Now!

Our 2017 Spring It On challenge will kick off on Monday, April 3. To get ready, we're now accepting team registration! As a reminder, teams of three will compete against each other in a bracket-style challenge. Every class you take will contribute toward your overall score. This year, we've raised the stakes. Every team member will receive one free class (or $5 off your next monthly unlimited payment) just for joining! In addition, the runner up team members will each receive a $20 Studio Poise gift card. Our championship team members will all receive one month of free unlimited classes! The prizes are better than ever, so the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. Choose your team members wisely! 

You have three options for registering a team:

  • Got all three members ready to go? Great! Provide names, email addresses, and your team name when you register.
  • Got two people and you're looking for a third? We'll help you out! Provide the names and email addresses for the two members, and we'll connect you with a third competitor.
  • Want to compete but don't have a team? You can register as a solo participant and we'll match you with a team!

Click here to submit your team registration!