Poised and Preggo Update: Kristina Burkhardt

Checking in on our fabulous preggo ladies from last year, we recently caught up with Kristina Burkhardt while she was kicking ass and taking names in a Poise Fusion class. Kristina was featured back in November; while 8 months pregnant, she was throwing some of the hardest punches we had ever seen in Piloxing Barre! We're constantly inspired by Kristina's "can do" attitude and are so excited to hear how her first few months of motherhood have gone!

It’s been about four months since my last Studio Poise blog…but that feels like a lifetime ago!   

On December 28th, my husband and I were blessed with our beautiful daughter. She came two weeks early, weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz. and entered the world with a bang. I’ll spare the labor details, but I will share that it was a little dramatic, and she took just over thirty hours to grace us with her presence. The strength, stamina and confidence that I had built prior to my labor was crucial in getting me through those thirty hours in one piece, with a positive attitude and a bit of a sense of humor.  

Since bringing our girl home, I haven’t gotten much sleep, can’t get anywhere on time and my to-do lists include a reminder to shower…welcome to motherhood! But in all seriousness, it has been the best three months and I love every second of my new life as a mom. In the first month, we spent a lot of time indoors snuggling on the couch, trying to understand what cries meant what and figuring out a feeding schedule. I cherished this time with my daughter, but as the days went by and I was starting to get the hang of everything, I was itching to get back to SP. Fast forward to mid-February and just six hours after being cleared by my doctor to exercise, I was in Danielle’s Barreworke class. That first class was difficult, but it felt amazing to work out again, increase my energy levels, and to have an hour to myself. Everyone says that you should sleep when the baby sleeps but I found that really hard to do – so being able to work out helped me not feel like the walking dead anymore! I was also warmly welcomed back by my instructors and classmates who sweetly asked about my baby and how I was feeling, and boosted my confidence with their kind compliments.  

I was lucky enough to be able to take four months off for my maternity leave so I am still at home. I’ve been mostly taking Erica and Lindsey’s classes offered in the morning – Barreworke, Poise Fusion and Poise *N Kick.  I was surprised at how weak my core was initially, but these classes have been a great mix of cardio, muscle conditioning and focused core work and have helped me get back into shape relatively quickly. Also, since I had been working out throughout my entire pregnancy, I didn’t have too much work to do on my arms and legs other than get any muscle back that was lost in the six weeks that I was unable to exercise.  I am happy that I listened to Danielle when she encouraged us to “keep the rest of our bodies intact” while being pregnant.  The morning classes at SP also offer free childcare – which has been awesome. It is great to know that if I want to sign up for a class, I don’t have to worry about finding childcare, and it is comforting having my baby just in the room next door.  

In one month, I will be returning to work. Fortunately, I will have the flexibility to work from home and have flexible working hours so that I will still be able to enjoy time with my daughter and not disrupt my workout routine. Taking care of myself by working out will help to give me the energy and positivity that I will need as I get back to work. Thank you to Danielle and Studio Poise once again for helping me accomplish my goals!

The picture below is me with my mother and daughter out for a walk around the Wakefield Lake on one of those warm days in February!

Baby Burkhardt enjoying a nice day at the lake with mom Kristina and grandma!

Baby Burkhardt enjoying a nice day at the lake with mom Kristina and grandma!