Studio Happenings Feb 20-26

Happy school vacation week, Poise Nation! We wanted to make sure we took good care of you during this break, which is why this edition of Studio Happenings is a little late - we wanted to make sure this post was filled with exciting news and updates! Read on to find out about some extra vacation week classes we've added for you, plus updates on substitutes and class promotions!

Congratulations, Winter 2017 6 Weeks 2 Chic!

Please join us in sharing a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the 6 Weeks 2 Chic Winter 2017 participants for kicking butt and taking names! These past 6 weeks flew by as quickly as those inches did - well done, ladies!

BONUS Vacation Classes

Photo Oct 20, 8 22 39 PM.jpg

Looking for some extra chances to sparkle with us this week? We've got you covered! Join us for these special pop up classes in honor of school vacation week:

Wednesday 2/22, 7am: The BarRE: Straight Up, with Diana
Sunday 2/26, 6pm: Poised & Relaxed, with Diana

Maternity Leave Sub Notice

Fridays, 9am, 2/24 - 4/1
Poise N* Kick with Erica

Loyal fans of Body by Bradley know that no one else can deliver quite the same results, but Erica has agreed to give it a try! Due to the impending arrival of Baby B 2.0, and throughout Danielle's maternity leave, Body by Bradley will be replaced by Poise N* Kick, taught by Erica. 

Poised & Preggo: Free First Class

Our clients' health comes first, and that's why we love our special Poised & Preggo offering. This class, held every Thursday at 5:30pm, is specially designed for our Poised moms-to-be. Throughout your pregnancy, allow our trained instructresses to show you modifications and special exercises to help you stay healthy right up to your delivery date! Plus, you can meet other preggo members of Poise Nation.

Best of all - your first class is FREE! Yes, that includes you, long time clients - once you find out you're expecting, your first Poised & Preggo class is free. We know that once you give the class a try, you'll be hooked. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code "PREGGO" when registering for your first class. (Please note, this free class can only be applied to your first Poised & Preggo class. Offer not valid for those who are already taking the class.) 

BONS Voting 2017

It's time to show some LOVE! Please take just a few moments to vote for us in this year's Best of North Shore! We are nominated for BEST BARRE CLASS ✔️ BEST BOOTCAMP ✔️ BEST BOXING CLASS ✔️ BEST HEALTH CLUB ✔️ BEST PILATES ✔️ BEST TRAINING FACILITY ✔️ BEST YOGA STUDIO ✔️  

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