Living 6w2c ~ A Transformation Thursday Update

You may have heard, our next round of 6 Weeks 2 Chic kicks off this Saturday (still time to register - click here for info!) and we can't wait to get started. Need some inspiration? Check out what OG Colleen Myers has to say and read on as we chat with our unofficial mayor of SP, Sam Selig. Sam will tell us in her own words why 6w2c made the difference in her life and how she stays committed to crushing her goals with the help of SP.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started 6w2c! As I mentioned in my original TT post I have done a million diets - you name it, I’ve tried it. I started just eating “clean” (or as much as I could commit to) back in August of 2015 (no processed junk, no HFCS etc.) and that plus Studio Poise workouts helped me shed 50 pounds by Christmas that year. In January of 2016 I did my first round of Six Weeks to Chic and I was shocked by how few vegetables I had in my diet and by how little I ate throughout the course of some work days! It’s easy to get caught up in the grind and forget to eat, then come home starving and quickly overcompensate by eating everything plus the kitchen sink.

One of the main motivators to joining 6w2C was my best friend’s wedding in October of 2016. I knew I wanted to rock my bridesmaid dress and the day of the 6w2c kickoff was our first outing to try dresses on with the rest of the wedding party. I had lost 50 pounds and I was feeling super confident as we entered the dressing room armed with gowns. Much to my dismay I was barely able to fit into a size 28 - the biggest sample size the store carried. I was beside myself and in tears on what should have been a really fun occasion! We selected a dress that was black with one-shoulder and a sheer overlay. When the woman took our measurements she was super honest and said despite my weight loss success to date I should still order a size 28 because of the size of my hips/butt and spend the next 9 months working hard to make sure it fit. I ignored her, feeling confident in my new lifestyle and SP commitment and ordered a size 24. That was 6 inches smaller in the hips than my measurement at the time and I had to sign a waiver saying I accepted full responsibility for sizing. Ha! I distinctly remember emailing Danielle and saying "Um so we have 9 months to shrink my booty 6 inches". Her response? "Challenge accepted".

For the next 6 months I hustled hard. I ate perfectly according to the 6w2C guidelines, allowing myself only 1-2 cheats a week (sometimes none!). I became the queen of "Soda water with lime" during happy hours. I found ways to bake treats without butter and sugar.  I took 8-12 classes a week and incorporated variety by adding Poise (something I loved to hate), Strike a Poise, SPiit, Piloxing, Bare Belles etc. in to my schedule. I started seeing Danielle for privates where we would tweak my nutrition and focus on class modifications as needed. My happiest moment came in August when I went for the first fitting of my bridesmaid dress. It was TOO BIG! The dress I was freaking about fitting into was too big! Victory!! I had it taken in and then during my final fitting I had to have it taken in AGAIN. Had I bought it off the rack in September instead of January I would have bought a size 20 instead of a size 24. That was the best feeling and something that I relished in for days.

I looked fabulous in the dress (just sayin'), had a wonderful time at the wedding and then I switched jobs to a company where I work from home full-time. My 6w2C plan had to kick in big time because the temptation to munch - or bake treats all day is HIGH when the kitchen is so close to the office! I meal prepped on Sundays then again on Wednesdays and did my best to stick to my plan. Some days - especially when I’m meeting my boss for lunch - it’s so easy to almost fall off the wagon and order something my former self would love (especially when it comes to desserts - my fav!). However, I always remind myself “Goals aren’t met by straying from the plan”.

I ended 2016 with 181 pounds total in my rearview (my initial 50 + 131 more!) and it feels amazing. For 2017 I have set the intention of reaching my goal weight (which is actually more like a goal size since body composition is a funny thing) and moving into maintenance mode. I can’t wait to share my finale picture once I hit this amazing milestone - stay tuned! 6w2C and all the SP booty kicks I can handle are my secret weapons and I know that by coupling those with the amazing community of support I have, I will absolutely hit my ultimate goal. <3