New Class Highlights: Poise Fire

Back in November we debuted a new twist on an old favorite here at Studio Poise. Poise Fire is the hottest spin on our studio signature class for which the studio was named. Brittany worked with Danielle to build a class that utilizes the principles of the Poise Method giving you a full body, low impact, high intensity workout that combines interval training with toning, lengthening, and isometric working recovery segments in a heated room. This class is truly FIRE! (Think Poise meets Poised & HOT Bodies, meets SPiit) Verbal, physical, and hands-on adjustments are offered throughout class to insure proper form and class effectiveness and new in studio gear will be utilized to keep your body guessing.

After a few sold out pop-up offerings we're pleased to say Poise Fire has a new home on the schedule permanently! Join Brittany every Monday at 5:45pm for an intense workout like no other. We asked both Brittany and a few of our SP regulars for feedback - here's what they had to say about this new twist on a classic:

"The first class I taught at Studio Poise in 2014 was Poise and I've been teaching it twice a week since then. Even after all this time it is still one of my favorites - to take and to teach! I think most people have a love/hate relationship with Poise because no matter how many times you take it, its always challenging! (in a good way!) After I started teaching Poised & HOT Bodies I fell in love with being in a heated room and all the benefits the heat has on our muscles. I am excited to combine the benefits of the two with Poise Fire. We focus on core strength and muscle toning while scorching calories, heating your muscles to increase flexibility and burning off all your inner toxins to clear your body and mind with a good sweat! That said, my favorite part of the class is the new equipment! The Pilates ring and weighted balls really kick things up a notch and I love the added challenge. Who would have thought a small ring could be so hard to squeeze and a small 4 pound ball could feel so heavy? The possibility of exercises are endless and I'm so excited to share this class with all of you!" ~ Brittany

SP OG Michelle Montoya attended the Monday debut and says "The title is a good description of the class... Between the heated room and the twist on the typical Poise class I definitely felt the burn! I like the new equipment and exercises, it is a good way to switch up my regular routine! I love that Studio Poise always offers cutting edge classes like this one!".

Sharon Gordon, fellow SP OG and long-time lover of Poise says: "Poise Fire was hard but also felt very good - using different muscles than I'm accustomed to working! I am going to put that at the top of my list as a favorite."

Last but not least Studio Poise's unofficial mayor Sam Selig says "Poise is already a class I love to hate because it never gets any easier (truly) and these new challenges with foreign equipment and a heated room left me feeling like I might die. Thankfully I didn't die but I was sore all over and like Sharon and in spots I'm not used to being sore! This is at the top of my list for favorite full body workouts and I look forward to adding it to my regular roster".

Secure your spot now in this highly sought after class and see what all the buzz is about! Like all Poise classes we require in studio footwear (grip socks or ballet slippers) and since this one is heated we recommend a small towel and plenty of water. See you on the matte!