Transformation Thursday: Michelle & Julia Azzari

The Studio Poise family is thrilled to feature our mother/daughter duo Michelle and Julia Azzari in today's Transformation Thursday post! This fabulous duo joined Studio Poise in February and have participated in our Six Weeks to Chic program. They quickly became regulars in classes - motivating each other and our community. We are excited to share their story with you and excited to watch them both continue sweating, sparkling and shining!

Since turning 50 last year, I have experienced more physical challenges to my weight loss and fitness goals. Back in February, I injured my knee and will eventually need a knee replacement. Because of this, I have been unable to run anymore or perform high impact exercises.  Prior to my injury, I was spinning, running, and boxing at local chain gyms.  Knowing that I physically could no longer perform those types of exercises at the risk of injuring myself more, my physical therapist suggested that I look into Pilates, which she said would be less impact on my body. Taking her suggestion, I bought two Groupons for Studio Poise, one for myself and one for my 15-year-old daughter Julia.  Both of us fell in love with the Studio; the instructors and the clientele were so friendly and fun.  Everyone was having such a good time sweating and sparkling! At the beginning of every class, the instructor asked if anyone had any injuries and as soon as I informed them, I was given modifications for each exercise and was able to keep up with the class at my own pace without judgment.  I have found that the low impact exercise routines are even more effective as the high impact exercise that I could no longer do.


After our Groupons were used, we continued to come several times per week.  We decided take the 6W2C challenge together for we both wanted to feel better, improve our eating habits, and of course, look better.  We knew that if we did it together, it would keep both of us motivated and accountable to each other.


Michelle & Julia heading to their *favorite* Poise class! :)

Michelle & Julia heading to their *favorite* Poise class! :)

Julia and I took several different classes and fell in love with all the instructors. We both have found Poise to be the most physically challenging but each week it gets a little easier and we definitely see our abs strengthening!  We took 5 classes per week, trying at least one new one each week.  All the classes we took have been amazing and physically rewarding, especially the doubles we took during the weekend!!!  We couldn’t walk the next day - LOL.  All the women in the classes are all ages and everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other. 


As for the 6W2C nutritional aspect, it was easy to follow and Danielle was very helpful in explaining what was acceptable foods and her suggestions we great. Our new favorite breakfast, protein bars (Perfect Fit!) and yogurt are all thanks to Danielle. The Facebook page was (and remains) an invaluable resource to share ideas and recipes. Julia made quite a few new dishes, which were all healthy and delicious.  We are so grateful to have the 6W2C experience because it is a lifestyle change that we will continue with.  At the end of the 6 weeks, we both lost a total of 7 inches each and were both down a dress size!  We see a huge difference in our abs, arms, glutes and thighs!!  We are going to Aruba in February and hopefully, we will be bikini ready! Thank you Studio Poise, Danielle, Samantha and our new friends!