New Class Highlights: Barre Belles

Have you heard the buzz about the newest addition to the Studio Poise schedule? Barre Belles debuted on August 3rd, and it's getting AWESOME reviews and garnering quite the wait list! Barre Belles is the North Shore's FIRST strength training/barre fusion class. 45-minutes of muscle group focused kettlebell sets, followed by respective lengthening and toning at the barre! The ideal combination for fat burning and targeted body firming!

Danielle and Janie collaborated to mastermind this new class; combining the best parts of barreworke and SPiit into an intense, effective and fun fusion you won't see anywhere else. During the debut class students left with a full-body soreness unlike any other and a calorie burn upwards of 600 for a 45 min workout! Few classes are this effective at toning your entire body in such a short amount of time.

From Danielle: "Janie approached me with the idea, and I literally waited a second for it to process and it was very soon a no-brainer. Launching the class by co-teaching with Janie was really something else, and I can't wait to do the team up again! But until then, teaching on Tuesday mornings has really added some spice to my own schedule. Not only is it extremely effective, but the class flies by! (well, for me anyway haha). It's such a unique mix and is a great way to expose our "barre-hards" to the heavy-hitting world of SPiiT, and our SPiiT-fans to the graceful burn of barre. We are LOVING it all around!"

What do the Instructresses have to say about this new class?

Brittany says Barre Belles is the perfect class to make you feel like a badass and a ballerina all in just 45 minutes! Crunched for time? It's a great way to get a whole body workout in a short window. It's fun, varied, and I promise you'll never get bored. Barre Belles will increase your cardio, strength training and flexibility. We work every muscle head to toe!  

"From the moment you lift your kettlebell off the floor (in a deadlift fashion – safety first!) to that two-second pause overhead during a full kettlebell swing, you are engaging your quads, core, glutes, forearms, triceps, and shoulders. That’s right, Barre Belles is a FULL body class! It is these compound movements that create dense muscle mass which increases your resting metabolism. In other words, you burn fat the rest of the day without doing anything- uh WINNING! Combining kettlebell strength training with original Barreworke movements is the absolute sure fire way to blast the most calories in a quick 45 minutes and continue to burn calories throughout the day. Burn baby burn!" ~ Crystal

If that isn't enough to convince you to give the kettlebell a swing we asked Poise Nation for their thoughts:

Studio Poise OG Danielle Mallet says "Barre Belles is an innovative spin on the classic barre class (which I love). It mixes creative new moves with the kettle bells with the already existing moves from barre we all know and love . Barre Belles is literally my dream come true!".

Studio Poise devotee Sarah Russo says "We are absolutely SPoiled with the new Barre Belles class! It's a perfect combination of everyone's favorite barre work with some kettle bell flare. I feel amazing after and I leave wanting more. I love Thursday mornings at Studio Poise!".

Convinced you need to join us at the barre? Bring your indoor sneakers and plenty of water to a Barre Belles featured exclusively at Studio Poise Tuesday morning at 9am, Thursday morning at 6am or Saturday morning at 7:30am!