Studio Happenings: Week of 5/16

We are feeling great this Friday, after finally getting a week of sunshine and great weather, and we hope you're also feeling fab! We may also still be flying high on our birthday vibes, and we're going to keep on sharing the love. Read on to find out our latest client appreciation news, along with all the other updates about life at Studio Poise!

Client appreciation promos!

When Studio Poise has a birthday, we celebrate by giving YOU gifts! In case you missed it, we featured Lash & Brow Bar by Tia Joy in our Monday post, with some great offerings. We'll have a new promo up this coming Monday featuring the Sofia E Day Spa, so check back here on May 16 to find out how to take advantage of the SP client deals! 

Weekend Unlimited Member Sale

We're also showing the love closer to home! Once again on Saturday we'll be featuring a sale on all our merchandise! This applies to our in-stock merchandise, is cash only, and is offered as a thank you to our unlimited members. All tops are $18, all bottoms are $25, and all water bottles are $10. 

Class Series Sale

Not an unlimited member? That's okay, we didn't forget about you! We're offering a flash sale on class series packages - $15 off 10- or 20-class packages. Use the promo code "CLIENTLOVE" at checkout to take advantage of this great deal!

*POP UP CLASS* 90s Strike a Poise with Courtney, Weds at 6pm

Get ready for some quality throwbacks! Courtney's 6pm Strike a Poise! on Wednesday, 5/18, will be a tribute to all of the 90s jams that we still love. We won't spoil any of the surprises, but you definitely won't want to miss this. Neon outfits, scrunchies, and body glitter aren't required...but we also won't mind if you break out your best middle school fashions to celebrate this class!

Men's Yoga returns! Tuesdays at 6:45pm

Even if they won't admit it, we know that the guys in our lives are secretly jealous of the amazing community that we've found at Studio Poise. Let them know that they can join in the fun by giving our Tuesday night men's yoga class a try! Every week at 6:45pm, we turn SP1 over to the brogis for an hour of power flow, led by Danielle. Best of all, the first class is free! 

Piloxing gloves are back in stock!

Has your hook & jab combo been lacking a little oomph in your piloxing classes? Pick up a pair of Piloxing gloves to up the ante and take your fitness to the next level! These weighted gloves are designed to be used in all Piloxing classes, including Piloxing Barre. You can get them at Studio Poise for $25! Ask your instructress for more info!

Studio Poise Golden Rules

We love the community at Studio Poise, and one of the things that keeps the environment so positive is the respect that you all show each other every day. We just want to remind everyone of a few of our "golden rules," to make sure that every class experience is a positive one! 

-- No cell phones in class. Please leave your phones in the lobby! When you sign up for a class, it should be all about you. Leave the outside world behind for an hour and focus on the work you're doing in class. Phones are distracting to you, your neighbors, and to the instructresses - so please keep them in your bag!

-- No talking in class. We love the friendships that we see flourishing at the studio, but once class begins, please focus on yourself and your practice! Again, talking is a distraction for the people around you, and it makes it harder to hear the cues from the instructress. Everyone loves a hoot or a holler in Zumba when you're feeling the beat, but please save the conversations for after class!