Transformation Thursday: Samantha Selig

We are so excited to feature Samantha Selig in today's Transformation Thursday post! Sam joined Studio Poise in August 2015 and quickly became a fixture in our classes. She participated in the Winter 2016 6 Weeks to Chic program, and is currently competing in our Spring It On! challenge. We are so inspired by her dedication and hard work, but even more so by her infectious positivity and generosity. Join us in celebrating Samantha's story!

Transformation sounds like such an epic word…. I procrastinated in writing this because I just wasn't sure my success was worthy of a word like transformation. I've been overweight my whole life and if I was to detail out my success and failures with diets and exercise we'd be here until next Wednesday. Suffice to say in August of 2015 I was at one of my highest weights ever. I was in a job I hated, using food to self-soothe and I hadn't consistently exercised in months. I was completely miserable. I had taken classes casually at Studio Poise in the past and decided to see what was new. I was excited to see a ton of great class options and I quickly went from a casual class goer to loyal SPer in just a matter of months. I struggled through hip hop yoga feeling like I'd never really master the Zen (but I have, almost!), I became a Strike a Poise addict and I even got on the SPiit bandwagon and debated whose version is really the hardest (on any given day the answer is Crystal, Lindsey, Janie, Erica, Brittany or Diana). I found the Studio Poise instructresses to be great motivators in class and in life and I made some amazing girlfriends while becoming a regular at the studio. Most importantly, I finally managed to find a place where I LOVED exercise! I never felt judged or awkward (something I can't say about anyplace else I've patronized). Everyone at SP is incredibly friendly and supportive, especially during those doubles where you just want to throw the towel in and cry.

sam collage 3.jpg

At the end of December I had left 50 pounds in my rearview and decided to tackle my “healthy” eating habits via the 6 Weeks to Chic program. Since this wasn't my first rodeo I had already ridden my diets of the “obvious” nutritional voids (fast food, diet soda, microwaved meals, HFCS, empty calorie snacks) and considered myself a fairly healthy eater. During the first 6w2C meeting I got a real wake-up call. While I was doing great eating vegetables and choosing lean proteins I wasn't eating enough or as often as I should be and I was having desserts WAY too often. I love to bake and sampling my creations was par for the course. All those little bites added up to a lot of empty calories.

Adopting Danielle’s method I overhauled my breakfast, added more healthy snacks (included revamped baked goods like applesauce coffee cake and banana/coconut protein cookies) and tried out the concept of cheat meals. I won't lie and say it was easy- I craved sweets like an absolute fiend. But, I felt so much better (slept better, moved faster) and it was serious motivation to keep going. I looked forward to savoring my favorite things and after a few weeks I noticed having an unplanned cheat or too much of something unhealthy affected me in a way it never had before. Headaches, grouchiness AND complete lethargy would follow a bad meal. My body actually craved healthy foods!

At the end of the 6 weeks I was down 29 pounds and 17 inches total. I've never had that kind of success before and for the first time in my life I actually think I have found the perfect eating plan and exercise routine for long-term success. On April 2nd I had my last weigh in and I am pleased to say I am down 101 pounds total since joining Studio Poise in August!!

The day I started the 6w2C program I went to try on bridesmaid dresses with one of my best friends for her October nuptials and was NOT pleased with what I saw in that dreadful 360 degree mirror. I'm excited by how far I've come in a short time and while I know I still have a long way to go I'm positive that I'll be able to rock a cute dress at her wedding! Thank you Studio Poise!