marathon mondays: the final stretch!

Erica is officially one week out from the 2016 Boston Marathon!  How does it feel to be so close to the goal after months of training? Today, Erica gives us a peek into her final preparations before the race. 

This weekend marked the end of my Saturday morning training runs.  One of the reasons I love to run is because it brings people together.  I have said this many times and it's written in my fundraising page for the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation here. So it was fitting that on my final training run, a woman who was looking for a running buddy a while back reached out to me and asked if I would enjoy some company.  On the final leg of my marathon journey, I got to meet a new friend, run together, and inspire each other!  I ended my 8 mile run back at home feeling happy, positive and prepared for Marathon Monday!     

I have been taking my own advice from the blog last week and I have been trying to really cherish and enjoy these moments.  So after my 8 mile run, my sister and niece joined Ella and I for a celebration breakfast at the Early Harvest Diner in Wakefield.  I enjoyed a delicious omelet (sun dried tomatoes, feta, asparagus & guacamole on the side), and we had some fun on the chalk board.

Later that afternoon, I headed over to Lululemon at Market Street in Lynnfield and picked out my gear for race day!  It's been a lot of fun representing Lululemon as one of their marathon mavens and I love seeing their support every time I walk in the store!  I have a pair of pants and shorts to wear for Marathon Monday.  It will be a game time decision; however, I just looked at the forecast and its calling for 70 degrees.  A little on the warm side for me - hoping temps drop back to the 60's.  But I'll take it over freezing temps and wind (can you tell I'm stressing over the weather a bit??)

I'm looking forward to the week ahead and classes at Studio Poise, especially SPIIT on Thursday at 7pm, as that will be the final class I teach before I run the marathon.  I have some special music & moves planned for class that night!  I'm also looking forward to the BAA Marathon Expo, picking up my number and seeing the finish line on Saturday with my family.  If you want to follow my run, be sure to text the word RUNNER to: 234567 for text alerts on Marathon Monday.  My bib number is 28939.

Almost everyone I have seen or talked to this week and weekend has wished me well on the run ahead.  It's a humbling experience.  I feel blessed I am able to run.  I feel lucky I get to run the Boston Marathon for a second time and to run for a wonderful organization that supports our youth with the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation.  People often say to me "I don't know how you do it.  I could never run a marathon!"  But my response is always the same: You can do anything you set your mind too.  It won't be easy and you may second guess yourself, but if you believe in yourself and work hard toward the goal you set out, it is well within your reach!  Marathon Monday, I'm ready for you!!