Tuesday Tips with Danielle

We're relaunching our weekly Tuesday Tips feature! Every week, stop by for tips and tricks from the boss lady herself. This week, she offers insight on the age-old question: how do you find the right balance of strength versus cardio training?

Let it be known that the fitness industry is FULL of iconic inspirations, from celebrity to local - and my list of idols goes for miles! The current dance cardio queen (and inspiration for our own Strike A Poise! class), Anna Kaiser, recently spoke on the topic of cardio vs. strength training, and when one or the other is necessary in reaching your goals. I find clients asking this question a lot, and Anna really hits the nail on the head here! Please take just two-minutes and fill yourself in with this short video:

We have so many options in both cardio and strength classes at Studio Poise to help fit your needs! If you have questions about setting up your ideal cardio/strength balance program, feel free to contact me any time via email at danielle@studio-poise.com.