Transformation Thursday Remix: Lauren Folino

Back in August 2015 we featured a new member of #poisenation in our Transformation Thursday series. Lauren Folino was a summer 6w2C success story and we had to check in after seeing an inspiring recent picture of her on Instagram! Scroll down to check out this killer transformation as Lauren navigates from busy college student to full-time working professional. We're so glad Studio Poise is playing a significant role in your healthy life and we can't wait to see you reach all your goals, Lauren!

Sixteen months ago when I wrote my first Transformation Thursday, I was the healthiest I had been since starting college. In college, I juggled being a full time student, three jobs, cheerleading, and so many other activities that I was involved with. The food in the cafeteria was not healthy and I never had time to work out. After going through two surgeries and gaining more weight than I could imagine, I needed a change. My sister Megan had given me a Studio Poise gift card for Christmas to encourage me to try their Six Weeks to Chic program. When I was finally healed from my surgeries and healthy enough to give it a try, in my personal opinion, I killed it! I had lost 13.5 pounds in the program and continued my healthy lifestyle through the end of the summer totally in at 16 pounds lost.

What happened since then? At the end of August, I went back to Merrimack College for my final year. Being senior year, I was busier than ever and had no time to exercise or continue my healthy eating. In the first two months back at college, I had gained 5-10 pounds I had lost in the summer. When November came, I once again had surgery for the third time that year. This surgery made me lose 5 pounds, but I was still so unhappy with what I had gained and how I was starting to look again. I could not exercise for six weeks after surgery, so going to Studio Poise over Christmas break was not an option for me. By the end of my senior year I had gained back all that I had lost, along with the five pounds lost from surgery.

After graduation, I was in serious need of some Studio Poise therapy.  I got back in the swing of classes but was having a really hard time holding myself accountable with my nutrition. After attending The Barre by Studio Poise at Kings in Lynnfield, I got to talking to one of my favorite instructresses, Chrissy. She advised me to talk to Janie and work with Mind Body Soehl Fitness on my nutrition. I immediately emailed Janie and got started on her plan November 1. She had me take pictures of my front, side, and back. I was horrified at the first picture of myself (as seen below!). Janie set me up with a nutrition plan, and I coupled that with my aggressive workout schedule at Studio Poise. Once I found this magic combo I was really stunned at my quick progress!  ­

Megan and Lauren celebrating the season at a holiday party Dec 2016.

Megan and Lauren celebrating the season at a holiday party Dec 2016.

At SP I am back in my routine of doing doubles and average 10 classes a week.  I have lost 14 pounds and weigh less than I did at the end of last summer! Although I still am not completely proud of how I look in my most recent comparison picture, I know I am on a road that will get me to where I want to be. I am feeling much more confident in the way I look and I know it will only get better. I no longer have a college lifestyle but instead have truly adopted a healthy lifestyle. Working a full-time job at Merrimack College now also helped set up for success as I have a routine for myself to schedule meals as well as which workouts I do after work and on the weekends. Some of my favorite classes are Poise N* Kick with Diana and Zumba with Danielle (if you cant tell, I love a good cardio class). I am also an avid Poise Xpress go-er. The encouragement I get from the instructresses as well as the fun I have while at Studio Poise is what keeps me going.

I mentioned at the end of my first TT post that it was only the beginning of my transformation – this time I’m 100% committed and more motivated than ever. Stay tuned! Thanks Studio Poise and Mind Body Soehl for getting me on the right track, I can’t wait to see where I am in 2017.