Poised and Preggo Pages: Jenniffer Migliaccio

November's Poised and Preggo star was Kristina Burkhardt and it wouldn't be Studio Poise if we didn't end the year with a bang! Jenniffer Migliaccio joined the Studio Poise family in June 2016 and rose the ranks to become a regular before she finished her first Groupon. Jenn and her husband are expecting their first child in February and are planning to be surprised by the babies gender. Regardless of whether they have a boy or girl we know the Migliaccio family is in for a fighter, Jenn has been feeling the baby throwing hooks, jabs and crosses in both Piloxing and Box and Flow for weeks now! Thanks for sharing your story, Jenn, we can't wait to welcome your little boxer to the SP family.

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I was looking for a gym closer to home so I could start taking more group classes and I happened to see the deal on Groupon for Studio Poise. I remembered seeing a few people I knew on Facebook posting about the studio so I emailed one of them and ask about the classes. Armed with a great recommendation I ended up purchasing the Groupon and I have been hooked ever since. Funny thing is I was already pregnant when I started going to Studio Poise but I didn't know yet! :)

SP has been totally instrumental in helping me stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy. It is such a supportive and motivating atmosphere. I am so happy that I have been able to continue to workout throughout my pregnancy and I know it will only help during labor and after I give birth to stay on track with my health. SP has given me the ability to continue to take the classes I love and I adapt and modify certain moves as my pregnancy proceeds. The instructresses have been fabulous and also in tune with different modifications I can do to continue to challenge myself safely. Because of their attention I am able to continue to take some of my favorite classes such as SPiit, Box and Flow, Barre Belles, and Piloxing! I often see the difference after my workouts because I have more energy and feel great. It definitely also makes such a difference with my mobility and circulation as the baby continues to grow.

This is my first pregnancy so it has been a big learning experience. I still get sick most mornings even though I am in my third trimester. I definitely was hoping that would not last and it is a bit unexpected to start every day that way, but I just deal. Another unexpected thing is how truly amazing it is to feel the baby move around. Although people tell you how amazing it is to be pregnant and feel the baby move, when you actually do feel the baby and have that experience first hand it is indescribable how amazing and overwhelming it can be. You look forward to it everyday and it becomes part of your routine. I'm surprised at how quickly you become connected and attached to this little person who you haven't even met yet, but who means so much to you already.

I'm so excited to meet this little person and find out if it's a boy or a girl. We are waiting to find out so it is definitely getting more and more exciting the closer we get to the due date. I can't wait to see who the baby looks like and experience this wonderful adventure with my husband. This whole experience has given me a whole new outlook on the world and what is truly important.


Technically my due date is February 10th but I will be induced a little bit early because I have juvenile diabetes.  It's safer to monitor me and take me a little earlier. Most likely it will be around February 3rd when we get to meet out little one. Being able to continue to workout has been so beneficial for my diabetes especially during my pregnancy. It has always been a big key to keeping myself healthy with diabetes but now it is even more important with being pregnant and monitoring my diabetes. As mentioned, we are waiting to find out the gender so it will be a surprise when we get to me our new love! I can't wait for the next chapter of my life and I'm grateful to Studio Poise for keeping me so healthy during this exciting time.

I look forward to my new life with my little boxer and continuing my healthy exercise routine at Studio Poise!