Transformation Thursday: Meg Manley

Everyone on the Studio Poise staff can agree that sparkles, smiling and sweat make life better. Beyond that the group of woman that call SP home are as diverse as they come. However, they all have one additional thing in common....Each and every one of them recognized the AMAZING transformation Meg Manley has gone through since becoming a Poise Nation regular. Transformations are so different and so personal; in Meg's case this story reflects on both her outstanding physical transformation but also the numerous positive affects that transformation has had on her life and the lives of those around her. Meg is a constant source of inspiration to everyone that knows her and we are delighted to share her story today. Thank you Meg for being such a bright light and for letting us (FINALLY) feature you! We're so proud of all you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish for years to come.

I am so grateful for the joy that Studio Poise has brought into my life for the past 16 months. From being my escape after a crazy work day to the new friendships I've made, I would not be where I am today had I not gotten sucked into the sparkly little place that is Studio Poise.

Although always up for an adventure Meg on the left (October 2014) could not enjoy life nearly as much as Meg on the right (summer 2016)!

Although always up for an adventure Meg on the left (October 2014) could not enjoy life nearly as much as Meg on the right (summer 2016)!

It took me a while to get to SP, just as it took me a while to giving into writing a post for transformation Thursday (It's taken me a while to learn to accept a compliment).  A few years ago my friend/instructress extraordinaire, Chrissy Clawson, jumped ship from the gym we went to over to Studio Poise. I gave in in December 2013 and bought a Groupon for classes but never ended up using.  I bought another class pack which I eventually used in September 2014.  I can't remember why I was so slow to get over there, being that I live about a 30second drive from the studio (so close that on nice days, I think its easier to walk than drive). Even with Chrissy and a few coworkers telling me how great the classes were, I continued to resist joining in and only casually took classes between September and June 2015.  August 31st 2015 marked when I really committed and started to become hooked on Diana's Piloxing classes.  I gave into getting the monthly unlimited in November and jumped right into the challenge that was going on that month doing doubles and triples, making new friends, and finding new classes I loved such as Strike a Poise, Zumba, and SPiit. I am happy to say I have continued to be a monthly unlimited member completing 400 classes between November 1 2015 and November 1st 2016!   Fun fact: I also hold the record for perfect attendance, having never late canceled a class.

My favorite classes are anything with weights and cardio but I'm learning to love Barreworke too. I regularly take classes that Crystal, Janie, Diana, and Courtney teach but really love all the instructresses.   I added Barreworke into my routine in May and have noticed my heels getting higher, arms straighter, and legs more pointed and straight as the months have gone on. Danielle barely ever has to walk by to kick up my heels anymore! All of the instructresses are so supportive and full of energy, which keeps me coming back class after class.

Through taking SPiit, I met Janie and after contemplating for a few months, I finally reached out to her for some nutrition guidance and personal training which I started in April.   Since then I have lost about 55 pounds, really just maintaining my weight the last few months.  I have learned how to fuel my body for the amount of classes I do at SP and learned the importance of prepping my meals for the week.  By the variety of classes I take, I believe it has helped me continue to build muscle, lose fat, tone and maintain.  As of today, I continue to be just over 100 pounds from the heaviest I ever let myself get, which was a few years ago. I don't know how I ever let myself get to that point but I know I never want to go back.  Just as many others, I tried many "diet" programs over the years, all the way back to my teenage years, but I couldn't find anything that I could sustain as a lifestyle.  Within the last 10 years, I have found a love of exercise and I am lost when I have to take a week off from it. It keeps me sane and makes me happy.  It has been exciting to buy a whole new fall/winter wardrobe and I'm looking forward to more clothes shopping in the spring.  At one point, my house looked like a little store with all the new clothes laying around to try on. I never knew how much fun shopping was until recently since I never had the luxury of walking into a store and out with things that fit well!

I am blessed by all the friends I have made at SP and spending time with some of them outside is an added bonus. SP has provided me with an opportunity to cross paths with people I normally wouldn't and that makes this place so special.  I set some goals for 2016 via the blog post last year and looking back at them, I am proud of my accomplishments.  My main goal was to move onto a job that I could find joy in again.  That was accomplished when I started a new position at work this past June.  All my new friends were so supportive in checking in about the application process and waiting game that ensued after.  It took 4 months from applying to getting an interview and then nearly 2 months to get the offer after the interview!  Having Studio Poise as an outlet for my stress really helped put a smile on my face when most days there were no smiles to be had at work.  My silly goals were to master just one, and only one, Zumba song (then I could quit taking Zumba), to take more Poise classes so that I learn to like it, and to take a long vacation.   I'm happy to report that I have mastered *many* dances in Zumba and it is one of my favorite classes to take. I love Diana's stories that go along with the songs- sending us to islands or putting us in a battle or salsa club.  And this month, I'm ending the year by only working 9 days due to taking TWO vacations.  As for Poise,  we still aren't the greatest of friends but we're on speaking terms so that will continue to be a goal for 2017. ;)

All you need to do is take a few classes to see how great this place is and soon enough you'll be hooked.  Then, like me, you'll be wondering how you managed to get through life without having Studio Poise and the wonderful community as part of it. :)