We Want to Know: How Do You Set Goals?

The Studio Poise community is founded on strong women encouraging each other to reach goals. We want to know, how do you set goals? Need some help getting started? Read on and add yourself to the wait list for Poised Souls with Goals December 29th!

Goals can sound great on paper or in theory but how do you transition from wanting to do something to actually doing it?

1. Write it down. Just by writing down what you want to accomplish you are 35% more likely to actually do it! We recommend the book "Write it Down, Make it Happen" for help in writing goals out.
2. Break the goal into steps. You know the old adage "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". Goals are the same way - break whatever you want to accomplish into small chunks then tackle those! See below for some great examples. Oh and we at SP never condone the eating of actual elephants. ;)
3. Track your progress. Recognizing where you are at the start and noticing changes along the way really help keep you accountable to ultimately reaching the goal. If you want to own a full hour of Poise*n Kick without stopping start by completing a combo without pausing for a break then work your way up from there. Patience and perseverance go hand in hand.
4. Enlist help / build a support system. The community at SP is full of ladies all working towards being their best selves. Make friends with someone in class or let an instructress know about a goal you're working towards. In or out of the studio we are here to cheer you on, motivate you and help you make 2017 the best year yet.
5. Celebrate the victory (or victories) along the way! Little victories are still victories and warrant celebration! If your goal is to complete full set of push-ups then you need to celebrate when you're able to do a full set of modified pushups and celebrate your first real push-up - even if it's just one! Recognizing those milestones on the way to your goal helps you to reinforce good habits.

So, at the center of any goal you set for yourself is doing better than you did yesterday. When you commit to something be it surviving an entire Zumba class, meal prepping for an entire week at work,  staying on your toes for a full set of plies during Barreworke,  running your first marathon or just getting your leg as high as possible in a Poise class the progress you make should always be measured against your last attempt. Measuring progress to the girl on the matte next to you is a sure fire way to disappoint yourself!

One of our favorite Studio Poise quotes came from our own Diana Davis: “When you were younger and someone marked your height on a wall from year to year you looked at how much you have grown. You probably rarely looked at how much more or less you grew than someone else. As a child you were always excited to see you grew a little from the year before. That is how we need to look at fitness. Compare your progress to your previous self, not the person next to you or people in the media”. Preach, Diana!

What are you setting out to accomplish in 2017? How can Studio Poise help you reach those goals? Let us know!