Studio Happenings Dec 19-25

Happy holidays, #PoiseNation! We are jam packed with updates this week - holiday schedule changes, substitution notices, special pop up class additions, and more! Please take the time to read through this whole post, as we have many announcements and we don't want you to miss any of the details.

Holiday Hundo - Tonight! Free class! 
6:30pm with Janie

Mental and physical endurance will be tested! The workout is unknown until you show up - may be IN studio or OUTSIDE (within walking distance). One thing you CAN be sure of is a minimum of 500 calories burned either after or before your workout - or on its own! 

Holiday Shopping

Erica modeling some of our brand new holiday Poisewear - stop by to check out all the limited edition swag!

Erica modeling some of our brand new holiday Poisewear - stop by to check out all the limited edition swag!

Last minute gifts still available in the studio! Our new collection is selling quickly, but we still have a few things coming in this week, so head on in and get your last minute gifts for friends, family (or yourself)! Accompany with a gift card of any value! Online is the easiest place to get your gift cards OR stop by studio from 8am-10am Saturday 12/24!! Click here to buy a gift card online! 

Teacher and Full-Time Student Holiday Series

After a busy fall semester, you deserve to reward yourself this holiday break. Give yourself the gift of fitness at your favorite place!

Full-time students:
1 month unlimited - $75 (click here to purchase)
Month must begin by 12/26
$10 late cancellation fees apply

12-days unlimited - $50 (click here to purchase)
Classes must be used 12/22 - 1/2
$10 late cancellation fees apply

Vacation Week Child Care & Special Child Classes

We know it can be extra challenging to make time for a workout while the kids are home on winter break, but we've got you covered! Check out our special holiday vacation child care offerings. As a reminder, please also review our child care policy before booking any of these classes.

9:30am Barreworke w/FREE childcare
9am Barre Belles w/FREE childcare
Poised Pizza Party!
11am Barre for Mama ($15 or class series)
11am Pound for Kiddos ($5 each, registration required)
...followed by pizza party!
9am Barreworke w/FREE childcare
9am Poise Fusion w/FREE childcare
10am SPiit for Mama
10am POUND for kiddos ($5 each, registration required)
9am Body By Bradley w/FREE childcare
10am Poise Gentle Flow for Mama
10am POUND for kiddos ($5 each, registration required) 

*Save the Date* 
Poised Soul with Goals: Thursday 12/29, 6:30pm

Inhale.......Please join us for a night of new moon magic, meditation, kundalini yoga and goal setting. We will be using the power of the new moon to release old habits and set new intentions for living a life that you LOVE......exhale. 

Included in Workshop: 
- 40 minutes of  Kundalini Yoga. "The Yoga of Awareness," uses mantra, mudra, breath & meditation. 
- Burning bowl: clearing out old habits we want to release. 
- Meditation/Soulicious Goal Setting
- Extended savasana with foot massages 

What to bring: yoga mat, comfy clothes, blanket, pen/pencil

Lizzie Muse is a K.R.I. certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Her classes are happy, full of lots of Yogi Bhajan quotes, and fun yogi knowledge that you can use in everyday life. Want a long deep relaxation & meditation to clear your mind? Then her classes are for you! She also loves to give out 40 day meditations, don't forget to ask her for one! 

Lizzie has been practicing Kundalini yoga since 2008, when she waltzed into Tej Kaur Khalsa's class at Goldenbridge Yoga in Los Angeles. She has been teaching since 2012. Upon graduating teachers training, Lizzie assisted Tej Kaur Khlasa in opening her own studio and was blessed enough to serve her beloved teacher for one year. 

Lizzie truly believes that Kundalini yoga will leave you feeling happy, bright and light. She lives her life by this Yogi Bhajan quote: "You should make yourself so happy, that just by looking at you, others become happy too." - Yogi Bhajan

Christmas Weekend Schedule Changes

Just a friendly reminder: Please check the app for schedule changes! With the holiday season, we're all trying to balance our schedules, so there may be some substitutions for your favorite classes. These will be noted in the app, and you'll receive an email through our online scheduling tool to let you know of any changes, but checking the schedule before class is always a good idea! 

Christmas Eve Schedule: Saturday 12/24
7am Poise *N Kick w/Chrissy
8am Poised & HOT Bodies w/Chrissy
8:15am Strike A Poise+ w/Diana
9am SPiit w/Crystal
10am Poise Xpress w/Lindsey

Christmas Day Schedule: Sunday 12/25
All classes cancelled, studio closed - enjoy the holiday!