Poised and Preggo Pages: Kristina Burkhardt

Here at Studio Poise we know pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming time in any woman's life. We've noticed several of our moms-to-be hustling hard in classes and we wanted to showcase a few of them during their pregnancies. Kristina Burkardt has been calling SP home since spring of 2015 and we're so glad her healthy pregnancy has been spent here at the studio! We'll be following up with Kristina after her little girl arrives to see how staying healthy during her journey to motherhood helps with labor and delivery. Thanks for sharing your story, Kristina, we can't wait to welcome your little girl to the Studio Poise community!

I am a CPA, wife and soon to be first-time mom of a little girl in early January!  I joined SP in April 2015 shortly after moving to Lynnfield.  I’ve been active for as long as I can remember; however, once I settled into “adult” life, I felt like something was missing in my workouts.  I dabbled in just about everything and while I was “in shape,” I didn’t feel like I was physically strong and certainly didn’t feel like I belonged to a fitness community.  After settling into our first home, I decided to try Chrissy’s Piloxing class at SP.  Before I knew it, I was a monthly unlimited member, owned some “blingy” SP apparel, made new friends and was at the studio 4-5 times per week.  On top of that, I felt strong and healthy and was part of a warm, supportive and fun community. 

Fast forward to May 2016 and we find out that we are expecting our first child!  It wasn’t long before the joys of the first trimester set in and I couldn’t conjure up the energy to continue my workout routine.  A few more weeks went by and I got the automated e-mail that “SP missed me” and boy, was the feeling mutual.  To me, one of the biggest challenges of being pregnant has been the feeling of losing control of your body – both physically and emotionally.  However, being in a great place physically before I got pregnant helped me bounce back into my workouts after a tough first trimester, and once I was back in my routine, the emotional “stuff” just seemed to work itself out.  I finally felt like myself again and that translated into being a better wife, daughter, friend, employee, etc.!

Now - at 34 weeks pregnant, I continue to go to Studio Poise 3-4 times per week.  My favorite preggo friendly classes are Piloxing Barre, SPiit, Barreworke, Barre Belles and of course, Poised and Preggo.  These classes all offer a great physical challenge for me and give me an hour to focus on taking care of myself.  My wonderful instructresses give me modifications if needed while still encouraging me to push myself.  In the Poised and Preggo class, Danielle pushes us to keep the rest of our bodies “intact” and guides us through breathing and squatting exercises to help prepare us for the big event!  We also take time at the beginning of the class to go over how we have been feeling and our challenges – which has created a great forum for us to share stories and ask questions. 

Continuing my classes and maintaining my strength has been such an important part of my pregnancy.  I have so much more energy and have had a healthy, low maintenance pregnancy.  But most importantly, it has given me the confidence to take on the beautiful challenge of motherhood that lies ahead – and I owe so much of that to SP.  The classes and workouts aside, the instructresses and women at SP are so friendly, uplifting and inspiring and have brought so much positivity to my pregnancy! 

I look forward to getting back into my full workout routine once our daughter is born.  I want to teach her, through example, the importance of being active and healthy and how that promotes confidence and self-love.  Thank you SP for nurturing these feelings in me and being part of this journey!