Small Business Saturday: Bay State Physical Therapy!

Being a small business we understand the hustle and heart it takes to compete with corporate America these days. Here at Studio Poise we want to celebrate our fellow small business owners with our new feature, Small Business Saturday!

Bay State Physical Therapy is a private practice outpatient provider of physical therapy.  Since 1995, BSPT has been helping the greater Boston area community recover from injury and improve their quality of life. We opened our first location on the North Shore 8 years ago in Beverly and have since expanded to Salem and our newest location on Main street in Reading, MA.  We are devoted to the health and well being of our patients. Offering exceptional, innovative rehabilitation services, our dedicated professionals strive to restore each individual's maximal function with integrity and compassion. Our facilities offer comprehensive care for orthopedic and neurological conditions.  For a list of all 39 of our locations, visit

What is physical therapy and what can Bay State Physical Therapy do for you as a Studio Poise devotee?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during exercise you should seek help and guidance from a physical therapist.  A licensed physical therapist will assess and treat your pain so that you can fully participate in your classes at Studio Poise. It's important to recognize the difference between pain because you are pushing yourself to get stronger, versus pain due to an impairment. If you have a question to what type of pain you are experiencing and itis limiting your ability to work to your best, physical therapy will help determine what is causing your limitations and give you the tools you need to get better.

"I met Heather Waters at UMass Lowell where she received her DPT. I started seeing Heather twice a week for my plantar fasciitis. After evaluation we knew my sore feet was causing very tight hips (it's all connected). After about 6-weeks of twice a week PT I did more at home exercises and started seeing Heather once a week. I still do her at home exercises to keep my hips mobile and feet strong and pain free. From time to time depending on activity level my feet act up again but weeks I keep my at home PT consistent I feel SO much better.
I love Heather as a friend but really love her as a physical therapist. She makes everyone feel comfortable, she really knows her stuff, and she's always rooting for you to succeed. Thanks Heather and Bay State Physical Therapy!" ~ Diana Davis

Any clients at Studio Poise can see a physical therapist at our Reading, Beverly or Salem clinics for a free injury consult. Please mention this when you call one of our clinics and we will get you set up to be seen within 24-48 hours!  Common injuries treated at our outpatient clinics include everything from balance disorders to headaches/dizziness to TMJ and much more.

The guys of the Beverly and Salem clinics have been participating in Movember / No shave November for the past 3 years.  As part of the wellness community we appreciate the importance of all aspects of men’s health and any amount of awareness that we can bring to topic.  Whether it be rehabbing from a sports injury, or any other medical condition, it is important that men are proactive in addressing their healthcare.

Here are Matt and Bret rocking their SP staches in progress! Make sure to check #SPstache for updated pictures.