We Want YOU To Know: Studio Footwear Policy

We're doing something a little bit different this Wednesday - this week, we have some news that we want YOU to know. There are some (big! exciting!) changes coming soon and they impact our studio footwear policy, so we asked Danielle to jump in for today's post to give you the rundown on the changes. 

"And suddenly you know...it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings..."

As many of you know, we are implementing a mandatory footwear policy at Studio  Poise, effective November 1, 2016. 

What does this mean?
Quite simply, we want everyone's feet to be covered during all of our classes with the exception of our yoga/flow classes. 

Why the change?
The primary reason this is being implemented is as a direct result of our new barre programming that is coming soon. Many of the things we will be doing during these new classes will include placing feet on the barre, primarily to encourage deeper stretching. We find it in the best interest of our community to have feet covered when being place on the barres given the amount of foot and hand traffic they will receive throughout the day. Barres will of course be wiped down regularly, but we want everyone to feel comfortable! 

What footwear do I need for which class? 
Depending on the class, footwear will be slightly different - but no client will require more than 2 options of footwear: clean, indoor sneakers and in-studio slippers (and/or barre grip socks). Each class description will have the recommended footwear required for the given class listed on our website class descriptions, and also on the descriptions within our Mind Body schedule and app. The general rule of thumb is that cardio/SPiit classes will requite clean, indoor sneakers and all other classes in-studio slippers or grip socks. (no shoes for yoga/flow). We recommend bringing both sets of footwear with you to the studio at all times to be safe!

What if I forget my footwear?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to take class without the required footwear, resulting in a missed/charged class. There WILL be footwear available for sale at the studio at all times, and you are more than welcome to purchase in the event you forget your footwear. Barresocks will be between $12-$15.

Can I just wear sneakers to all my classes?
Technically, no. We do not encourage sneakers for our barre/signature classes. These classes are designed to have close to nothing on your feet for a reason. Even the lightest weight sneakers can discourage proper form and movement during these classes where alignment and positioning are the most critical components of the class. Sneakers add unnecessary weight and restrict proper movement of toes and ankles, also resulting in possible injury.

What do you recommend?
So glad you asked! I have spent a lot of time personally trying to find the best options for our studio community, both functionally and economically. For years, I was devoted client (and brand ambassador) to the New York City based in-studio footwear company, Blake Brody. Any clients who still own a pair of these, they are 100% acceptable as in-studio footwear! Do not worry about feeling like you need to purchase anything new. As for other options, the closest thing I have found to the Blake Brody slipper is the new Reebok Studio Slipper. They are extremely comfortable and very reasonably priced at $60 (preorder them by the end of the day today to get a free reusable SP tote - click here!). The next best thing to Brody's? Without a doubt! I do understand that some people aren't really huge fans of the 'slipper' option, so our next recommendation would be barresocks, which would be sold at the studio by the end of next week. Any FULL-footed sock with grippy bottoms are more than acceptable. Barresocks are the brand we decided to carry based on their pricing (and cuteness!). Grip bottoms are recommended to maintain proper form in standing classes so you are not trying to refrain from slipping on the floor, but also have full coverage of your foot. (Plus, they are quite toasty as we approach the colder fall and winter months!). For all cardio classes, we require CLEAN, INDOOR sneakers. Please do not wear any outside shoes in our studio space - this is not a new policy. For recommendations of indoor sneakers, please see my Tip Tuesday blog from April. Please note that I am a firm believer that footwear can absolutely make or break your class experience. I have now been in this industry for 10 years, and would never choose or recommend a product I didn't believe was the best fit for what you are trying to accomplish. Any recommendation I make is based on it being personally tested and approved by myself.

If you have any further questions at all regarding the new footwear policy, please do not hesitate to reach out! Please know that this policy is in the place for the safety and hygiene of our studio community and I hope you understand and can appreciate the change.