Studio Happenings: October 31-November 6

Happy Halloween, Poise Nation! We can't wait to see your festive costumes - we hope you wear them to class today so we can all celebrate together. October may be winding down, but we're still going strong. We've got some great things in store for you for November, so read on to get all the details!


October was all about raising money to help breast cancer research. Together, #poisenation was able to raise $200 this month between sales, wearing pink, and instructress donations! This month...well, we shift gears quite a bit! It is time that we pay some attention to a growing problem we all are facing and that is that our men are dying too early. The Movember Foundation works to address some of the biggest issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health/suicide prevention. 


What is Studio Poise doing to help? A LOT, actually! 

  1. Recruiting the men of #poisenation ! Husbands, Fathers, Boyfriends, Brothers, Sons, and Friends alike! Behind every SP girl, is an SP man at some level. We want them to help us, help them! We challenge them to grow their mustache throughout the month of November (Movember). Post pics on IG at the start (within the first week of November), and at the end of the month with the finished product! Be sure to note #SPStache so we can find your post and count it toward our contest (be sure your or your man's IG account is NOT private - we can't count the tag if we can't see the post!). They are welcome to post pics throughout the month, and we will donate $1 for EVERY post we see throughout the month. Additionally, we will pick ONE winner at random to receive a grand prize of: 1. a complete outfit of their choice from lululemon men; 2. an SP swag bag for their SP girl; and 3. a gift card to Legal C Bar for both to enjoy a toast to a long month of mustache growth!
  2. Beginning the end of this week, the studio will have our Movember tank tops for sale, and all proceeds going toward the Movember Foundation.
  3. Monday, November 7 at 7pm: Men's Yoga w/Danielle! $10 minimum donation, all $$ goes toward Movember Foundation.

Poise *N Kick

October was all things Barre, and while you'll continue to see more and more Barre added to our schedule (check out Danielle's newly added STRAIGHT UP class Tuesdays at 7:45pm), we are shifting gears a bit. We know we have clients of all types, levels, and first class loves. Some are barre-aholics, some stick with what works - Poise method, some are dance cardio queens, some hard hittin' SPiit Fanatics. But, we have been missing something that SO MANY of you have been asking for - we bring you POISE *N KICK! Launching Monday, November 7!

Poise*N Kick! uses the Poise Method Signature Format, kicked up a bit!  It is a challenging, athletic style workout for all levels. Through cardio kickboxing drills and combinations (with a Poise twist) you'll improve your cardio stamina and total body strength. Expect to leave class feeling strong, accomplished, and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Clean, indoor sneakers required.

Reminder: Footwear Policy Takes Effect November 1

Don't forget - the new Studio Poise footwear policy takes effect on Tuesday, November 1. We cover every detail in our blog post, but the quick summary: 

  • Cardio classes (SPiit, Strike a Poise!, Poise *N Kick, etc): Clean sneakers reserved for in-studio use
  • Barre and Poise classes: Studio slipper-style footwear or barresocks with grippy bottoms 
  • Yoga/flow classes: This is the ONLY time we will allow bare feet - nothing between you and your matte for your sun salutations.

Instructresses will be watching for policy compliance. We recommend having both your sneakers and your studio slippers/socks on hand whenever you come to the Studio, so you're always prepared! Clients will not be allowed to take class if they do not have the required footwear. Barresocks will be available for purchase at all times, and you can order the Reebok studio slippers through our website.