Transformation Thursday: Jasmine Duston

There are few things more exciting than your wedding day and this week's transformation comes from one of Studio Poise's most recent blushing brides! Jasmine Duston (nee Gonzalez) joined the Poise family exactly one year ago and has completely changed her outlook on her body just in time to walk down the aisle feeling poised and fabulous.  Congrats, Jasmine! We are so proud of you and wish you and Greg a wonderful life together.

Prior to finding Studio Poise I had always been a runner. I was on the cross country and track teams in high school and running had always been my go-to for staying in shape.  My healthy life continued well into college when I was running 5k & 10k’s with friends. After graduating college and securing a job I felt like I needed another goal to pursue. I set my sights on running my first half marathon. During my training, I increased my mileage but didn’t necessarily feel any stronger. It also never changed how I viewed myself, even when I did lose weight. Being a disciplined eater and following a consistent training plan did not come easily to me. I often found myself eating whatever I pleased, using my run as justification.  

After finishing my half marathon I experienced issues with knee pain from my lack of cross training. I went from being a fairly active person to rarely exercising at all. Fast forward to May 2015 when my now husband proposed to me. Along with all of the joy and excitement of being engaged came anxiety about how I looked and how I felt about my body. i have few pictures from this happy time because I was so unhappy with how I looked in photographs.

 I started searching for a way to stay in shape without making my knee pain worse. A close friend of mine recommended I check out Studio Poise last October. I signed up for TRX with Erica and I was immediately hooked! The supportive instructresses and sense of community was something I had been missing from previous workouts. For the first time in a long time I actually LOOKED FORWARD to exercising! Barre & TRX with Erica as well as Poise and Hot Bodies & Pick Your Poise’N with Chrissy are some of my ultimate favorites! This week has marked my one year anniversary with Studio Poise. I never thought after those first few classes that I’d be able to get through 3 sets of anything in barre or survive abs of death with Chrissy but here I am a year later with the encouragement of some great instructresses and friends.

 Not only has working out at Studio Poise given me more confidence in my appearance, but it’s helped me to battle with my bouts of anxiety. It has become a great stress reliever. I had signed up for the studio’s “Poised & Ready Bride” three months before the wedding. Instead of my usual 2-3 classes a week, I was attending 4 weekly and started exploring other classes I hadn’t considered. Newly in love with Barre Belles I have finally reached a place where I felt toned and prepared for our wedding day. I'm proud to say I looked and felt amazing on the big day and I couldn't wait to share pictures!

Now that we’re home from our honeymoon, I’m planning on continuing to attend classes at least 3 times a week to maintain all this hard work. Definitely looking forward to the roll out of more barre classes!

I now feel like I have the tools and motivation to continue on my fitness journey. I am able to move past just looking at the scale and am seeing the changes in my body and demeanor. Thanks Studio Poise for helping me to become a stronger person inside and out!