Transformation Thursday: Aubrey Badger

Here at Poise Nation we pride ourselves on building a family focused on fitness. Today's transformation story comes from Aubrey Badger, part of our Studio Poise family and the sister-in-law of last week's feature, Sam! Aubrey kicks ass and takes names in every class she takes; fierce dedicated to her workouts and her healthy life. Aubrey's story is one every mom out there can relate to - thanks for sharing your journey with us, Aubrey!

I was involved in dance from the time I was two into college. I was always going to the gym or taking fitness classes that were offered. Even though I was in shape, I never felt confident in my appearance and always thought I could be skinnier or look better. I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2014 and 3 months after her delivery, I became pregnant with my second little girl! These back to back pregnancies really did a number on my body. My body just did something really incredible (twice!), but I was insecure and uncomfortable with my appearance. After two kids, I was at my heaviest weight and moving up in sizes.

Fast forward to April of this year, my husband and I book our first vacation without the kids and my first thought is “OMG I will have to be in a bathing suit! GAH!”. I happened to stumble upon a Groupon for Studio Poise and the rest is history. At first I started working out with a goal of losing weight. I have lost weight, but gained SO much more. I am stronger, I have more energy, I am happier which in turn makes me a better mother and wife. Even my coworkers have noticed a change in my attitude. I didn’t realize how much taking an hour for myself, each day would make a difference. Each class gives me a natural high that lasts through the whole day.


I love the variety of classes that are offered and look forward to going.  This is the longest I have stuck with a workout routine since college. I not only love the classes, but I love the women who attend them with me and the instructresses who run them! It’s this awesome and encouraging community. I often take classes with my sister in law Sam Rogers which is always fun! She is a huge motivation for me!  I can’t imagine not going to Studio Poise and am thankful to have found this gem!

For the first time in my life I can say I truly feel confident with my body. My goal is no longer to be skinnier but to become healthier and stronger. I am so happy to finally feel comfortable in my own skin, as this is how I want my girls to feel about themselves. I don’t ever want them to view themselves how I did. My goal is to be healthy and happy so that I can be there for my family as long as possible!  I plan to keep making progress and reaching new goals and I’m so glad I have Studio Poise to help me continue this journey!