Transformation Thursday: Samantha Rogers

Transformations are so different and so personal, sharing these stories has become the highlight of our week here at Studio Poise. Today Samantha Rogers' shares her journey with us after spending the last 6 months living a Poised and healthy life. We loving seeing Sam rocking every class she takes with a smile and a look of pure determination on her face. We are incredibly proud of her progress and the part Studio Poise has played in her healthy lifestyle makeover. We can't wait to see where she goes next!

I have always, always been such a happy person.  I pride myself on findingthe good in any situation. In 2007, I was in my second year of college, I had a serious boyfriend, and I had gotten very comfortable with my life. That comfort turned to complacency and soon I was overeating unhealthy food and the cutting out any exercise. I had gotten engaged at the end of that year and was married in 2009. From my engagement to my wedding I had gained 30 pounds. Instead of doing what a normal bride would do, I gained weight before my wedding instead of losing! But, I was happy and the weight didn’t seem to matter to me or my new husband.

Fast forward to the middle of 2012 and that happiness and complacency had spiraled out of control. Just three years after being married I found myself 135 pounds heavier than I was when I got married! As I said earlier, I try to find the good in every situation and try to be as happy as I can but I felt the ultimate sense of defeat seeing that number on the scale. I felt that food was completely running (and ruining!) my life and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I didn’t exercise and I ate a lot more than the normal 25-year-old should. I stayed in a lot -  missing out on a lot of functions, reunions, and get-togethers with the people I loved the most. I refused to get in pictures because I didn’t want photographic evidence of my size nor did I want the pity stares from people who knew me when I was thinner. I got really depressed with myself for allowing my weight to get to this point, allowing my body to be so unhealthy. I felt terrible - wishing I could just become a hermit rather than face the world in this state.

My husband and I wanted to try for kids and despite my misgivings about my own body I knew I was meant to be a mom. I was told so many times by the doctors that I absolutely COULD NOT gain any weight if I was able to become pregnant. I was told I was already too heavy, unhealthy, that I will get too sick and be put on bed rest if I was to exceed my current size by more than what was average.  Thankfully I tried my best and succeeded in not gaining too much weight with my first pregnancy. I was proud of myself. Once I had my daughter, the small amount of weight that I did gain with her came right off, but I was still stuck at my pre-pregnancy weight. Nine months after having my daughter we wanted another child. So, there I was, pregnant and once again gained a small amount of weight with my son’s pregnancy. Victory! After having my son I knew I had to address my body and this excess weight once and for all. I didn’t want to hide behind the camera anymore. I wanted to enjoy the cherished moments I was trying to make with my children and my husband. I wanted to be a healthy, active, vibrant mom - not a couch potato hiding in the house.

So in August of 2014, I started meal prepping and walking. I even built up to running a few 5k races. I started feeling good and by February of 2016 I had lost a total of 68 pounds. But the weight I had been losing came to a plateau and I found myself stuck. I started gaining back a little bit of weight and I knew that I needed to make a change. That is was when I found the amazing place known as Studio Poise. In April of 2016, I bought a Groupon for Studio Poise but was very nervous and intimidated about starting some place new. I was nervous that I was too out of shape and would be judged for not being perfect already. WOW, was I wrong! The first class that I took was Poised and Hot Bodies with Chrissy and although it was INSANE, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. I was welcomed by Chrissy and felt the friendly atmosphere right away - it was an amazing push in the right direction that I so desperately needed. I knew this was the place for me! I finished the 10 class Groupon deal in 2 weeks and instantly signed up for the unlimited classes. I was hooked!! I have taken so many classes that I enjoy and have gotten to know so many ladies with such determination and inspiration! The instructresses, the ladies, and the way I feel about myself is what keeps me coming back!

I have now been attending Studio Poise for 6 months and have hit a new mark of 87 total pounds lost since 2014. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, but I feel AMAZING. I am in better shape than I have been in the past 2 years -  and I have Studio Poise to thank for that! If I hadn’t joined, who knows how much weight I would have put back on. Even if it is a pound lost every time I stand on the scale, I am still happy! I really owe it to Studio Poise for keeping me motivated and making me feel more comfortable in my own skin! I am now the first person to volunteer to take pictures, knowing this will be proof of how far I’ve come. The staff at SP is full of the most amazing, welcoming instructresses’ with true dedication to their jobs! You all really do transform lives and help make healthier lifestyles! Thank you!