Tips Tuesdays: Outdoor fitness safety

The summer months are ideal for taking your fitness routine outside! The beautiful weather begs us to get out and get moving. But the sun and higher temperatures require some additional planning to keep you safe - read on for some strategies to ensure that your outdoor workout isn't harming you!

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Stay hydrated

With the higher temps, you're likely going to sweat more in the summer months. When you're burning calories outside, make sure to have plenty of water on hand. It's a good idea to drink a full glass of water before you head out, so that you begin the workout fully hydrated, and then take water breaks throughout your workout. Small sips will do - aim for 4 ounces every 15-20 minutes, and then drink 

Dress appropriately

We know that #poisenation loves a great pair of black leggings, but dark colors absorb heat and can be unbearable when you're getting your sweat on in the great outdoors. Instead, look for light-colored workout gear in moisture-wicking fabrics. These will help you to feel cooler when you're working hard.

Wear sunblock - and reapply!

Sunblock is an essential accessory for outdoor fitness. Look for water-resistant formulas of at least SPF 30 - ones that say "sport" on the label are a good bet. Apply your sunblock at home, before you get dressed. Clothing can shift during your workout, so by applying your sunblock first, you ensure that you don't end up with a sunburn line from where your bra strap shifted during downward dog! If you're going to be working out for more than an hour outside, bring along the bottle of sunblock so you can reapply. Most formulas are only guaranteed for 80 minutes of activity, and sweat can break down the sunblock faster, reducing its effectiveness.

Any other tips for staying fit in the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments! And don't miss your chance to get your poise on with us at these upcoming events:

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