Transformation Thursday: PoiseNation Instructresses

As you know, on Transformation Thursday we like to celebrate the members of PoiseNation who have made positive changes in their lives. Looking around the studio, there's no shortage of inspiring stories from all of you - but did you know that the instructresses are just as committed to constant growth and development? Read on for a very special edition of Transformation Thursday!

Some of our phenomenal instructresses celebrating the successful completion of PoiseBoarde training!

Some of our phenomenal instructresses celebrating the successful completion of PoiseBoarde training!

We know that PoiseNation is never satisfied with the status quo. When you come to the studio, you're committing to making a positive change in your life - to becoming stronger, healthier versions of yourselves. To make sure that we continue to provide you with the best possible studio environment, our instructresses are committed to constantly learning and developing their skills as trainers - a constant process of transformation to be the best teachers they can be! 

What does this mean? Instructress development can take many forms. Whether it's formal training to introduce new classes to the schedule,  supplemental training on soft skills to improve each and every class at SP, or taking additional classes outside of the studio to expand their knowledge, each and every one of our trainers is committed to personal and professional development. Over the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting some of the ways Studio Poise is committed to always bringing you the best possible class offerings. 

We are so inspired by the commitment that PoiseNation shows in every class to building your best selves. We want to show you that we are equally committed to always improving our class offerings and making sure that you always feel challenged and pushed to new heights. Our Instructresses are constantly learning so that you can benefit from better classes, new moves, and more challenges!  Stay tuned for guest blogs from our staff highlighting all the ways that we are committed to you, PoiseNation - the women who inspire us to new heights, each and every day!