Transformation Thursday: Theresa Melito

This week's Transformation Thursday post celebrates Theresa Melito. Theresa participated in the most recent 6 Weeks to Chic program (Spring 2015) to help prepare for a very exciting day in her life - her wedding! We couldn't help but notice all of her hard work in the weeks and months leading up to her big day, so we were thrilled when she agreed to share her transformation story with us. Read on to learn more!

So Transformation Thursday, huh? Well I’d be lying if I told you this is something I imagined myself writing, but hey - I’m proud of my struggles.  Obesity to extremes runs in my family, from all sides and every angle. To help combat that, my mom put me in dance lessons at 3 years old, and for years that worked…it worked too well, actually. Growing up dancing 5-7 days a week I could eat whatever I wanted; God bless that youthful metabolism!  So it was not until my dance days slowed down (they have never stopped completely, although there have been breaks) that I first experienced my clothes not fitting. I was 17 years old. I remember talking to my mom and dad about this issue, but I made some healthy swaps in my diet and the weight dropped off, and then some. Easy as pie! Ok, bad analogy, but you get the point. I don’t recall struggling to lose the weight or doing anything drastic. It just happened. Ha…boy, do I wish that was still the case! 

Then along came college, relationships, a social life, work, blah, blah, blah. Before I knew it, the weight was back, plus a few more pounds, but being in my early twenties, I dropped it somewhat easily again. However, this time I developed an obsession with counting calories and I starved myself on as little as 1000 calories a day, and exercised excessively. I swore this was it…I would not gain the weight again! Once I got to my goal, I would just “maintain.” This is what I told myself. Well, guess what? I did not keep my promise to myself, probably because I never actually learned healthy eating habits through this yo-yo method. I learned how to restrict and over exercise, which is not manageable in the long term. 

In 2011, I graduated with my M.Ed. after a very grueling pace that I set for myself. Now not only did I have some swanky new letters after my name, but as an added bonus I had gained more weight than I will admit to in writing. Late nights writing papers left me snacking and overeating. Needless to say, I was miserable with how I felt and looked. My professional career was beginning and I did not have time to take care of myself. No matter what, always find time to take care of yourself (I know this now)! The weight kept coming. I had not really exercised in I don’t know how long and I needed a change. A couple of friends were taking Zumba classes and I tagged along. Before long I was hooked and the weight was coming off, but I still was not really learning how to eat and how to live comfortably in my body. I would revert to the “restrict and over-exercise” method. It’s all I knew. 

A year before my wedding (which just happened, on May 9th), about 40 pounds of what I had lost was suddenly found again. You know, life got in the way and I was not taking care of myself again despite my efforts. 

The last thing I wanted to do was try on wedding dresses and I was devastated. That’s how I got hooked on Studio Poise. Before I knew it I was “doubling” (taking two classes back to back) and taking classes in the early morning and then again at night. Exercising at Studio Poise makes me feel great and the bling doesn’t hurt. Have you seen the Poisewear?!

Most importantly I was seeing results and not the just the scale moving down. I realized that you need more than cardio to be healthy and that the Poise method classes really help to tone and shape. There is always something new to try and there are offerings throughout the day, which make it fit any schedule. Danielle runs challenges and other initiatives which I have taken advantage of and they have helped immensely. I love a good challenge and I have proudly won a couple of them.  
My most recent SP endeavor was the 6 Weeks to Chic program (6W2C) that I did literally right up to my wedding day. I was successful losing 17 inches overall. Yes, my wedding dress fit me beautifully still. It may or may not have been a little snug still prior to 6W2C. Not to mention the year leading up to the wedding I dropped the weight I had gained back through my hard work and dedication. 

Through my classes at Studio Poise, the 6W2C program, my own research, and support of the SP community I have made adjustments to my diet for the better. It’s not perfect, but it’s getting better. The support of my husband and family helped too. I passed up a lot of pizza and martinis prior to the wedding. When making food choices I try to make healthier ones. Like Danielle said during the orientation for 6W2C, “sure, you can have alcohol, but just know that is not going to help you get to your goals.” I remind myself of that when making decisions and try to balance them out, and it is ok to have a little treat now and again.  

One of the most important things I have learned along the way is that you can’t exercise away a bad diet! I am pleased to say that on my wedding day I was happily wearing my gown and glowing all day. During our honeymoon I even wore a bikini! I look forward to continuing my healthy eating habits and my classes at Studio Poise, after all I’d like to do a boudoir shoot someday…so I still have goals to reach, but with SP, I’m sure to reach them! 

Theresa, congratulations on your success - and congratulations on your marriage! We love seeing you around the studio and look forward to continuing to sparkle with you in the future!