Transformation Thursday: Michelle Sullivan

Time for another Transformation Thursday! Michelle Sullivan first joined #poisenation last spring, and she just completed the Spring 6 Weeks to Chic program. Her hard work is definitely apparent, and so we invited her to share her story. 

My whole life I have struggled with my weight – up down up down and ultimately, very very up. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  I was also newly married and we wanted to start a family.  I knew I was never going to get pregnant in the shape I was in.   I needed to do something and quickly.  In February 2010 I began my weight loss journey.  Overall it was successful.  I lost 140lbs, and gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy, and was no longer considered diabetic. But there was definitely something missing. Five years after I began, I found that 20lbs had managed to come back.  My nutrition was pretty good, but could always use some fine tuning.  What I needed was exercise.  Consistent exercise.

In April of 2014, I purchased a Living Social coupon for Studio Poise.  I went to some classes and liked it.  But this happened and that happened and excuse after excuse I didn’t go back.  I have tried a whole bunch of other workout -  barre, boxing, Les Mils Bodypump, and a personal trainer.  Nothing I really liked enough, and certainly nothing my heart was in.  

By the end of 2014 I realized that I was at a crucial point.  If I did not find some sort of workout that I could commit to, I would continue to gain weight and all my hard work would be gone.  And to be honest, 2015 was the year I was turning 40 and I did not want to go into 40 struggling the same way I had my entire life.  I knew I needed to go back to Studio Poise.  
I signed up for 6 Week to Chic and knew I made the right decision, although it wasn’t without challenges.  The crazy winter we had meant a lot of cancelled classes, and just did not get the consistency I needed.  Danielle knew the winter 2015 6W2C did not exactly go as planned, so we were enrolled for the Spring 2015 6W2C and that was it, I was hooked!

I was scheduling myself for as many classes as I could, trying different classes, and was excited to try new things (hi Poiseboard!).  I actually LOOKED FORWARD TO COMING HERE!  I loved every class I tried, with my favorites being Poise, Pound and Piloxing.  I get way too excited for an 8:30 class on a Sunday morning.  I loved what a fun, ENCOURAGING and SUPPORTIVE environment this was, especially having the 6W2C FB page.

Soon, I realized I had found the critical piece I was missing and so much more. Not only had I found the consistant exercise I needed, but my outlook had changed as well.  I realized success isn’t only measured in pounds and inches lost.  I stopped making excuses to go to classes.  I am more willing to challenge myself.  I am more willing to try something I didn’t think I could do.  I am more comfortable and confident, in my classes and in myself in general.  I am more willing to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things.  I will usually do double classes and on days when I only do one class I refer to it as an easy day.  I believe that is my true transformation, my outlook.  And yes, at the half way point I was down five inches!

While my weight loss journey did not start at Studio Poise, it is here that I found the critical missing piece that I needed to continue my journey to weight loss and overall fitness.  It is here that I FINALLY gained a healthy outlook on my weight and fitness. It is here that I decided to turn 40 with confidence and not self-doubt.  And finally it is here that taught me how to set a good example for my son on making fitness a regular part of life.  

Thank you Danielle and all the amazing instructresses for such an amazing place.  I truly look forward to each and every class and am so proud to be a part of SP Nation!

Michelle, your story is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us, and for continuing to sparkle with us every day!