Piloxing Benefit Class Saturday March 7

This weekend, give back while you're burning calories at Studio Poise! The amazing Alison Oxton will be hosting a benefit Piloxing class to help raise money for Yoga Reaches Out. Team Studio Poise will be participating in the YRO Yogathon on April 26 to help raise money for Children's Hospital Boston. We asked Alison to tell us a little bit about why she's participating in this great event! 

In 2010, New England yogi and Lululemon ambassador Sarah Gardner set out to bring the yoga community together in the name of seva (selfless service). She created Yoga Reaches Out (YRO), a yogathon to benefit children’s charities. I was fortunate to participate in this event in 2013. I had no idea what a yogathon would be like. In my mind, I pictured something like the jump rope-athon I participated in when I was 8 years old. Jump roping, or doing yoga, until I physically couldn’t do it anymore. I signed up even though that mental picture doesn’t really seem like fun. YRO was a chance to give back to those less fortunate while practicing my form of meditation for hours upon hours along side 1,000 yogis at Gillette Stadium. I don’t want to drown you with descriptions of the day because I don’t think I could do it justice, but here is a little synopsis, a highlight reel if you will: 

  • Goldie Graham (Kaufenberg at the time) leading us through an innovative flow
  • Jacqui Bonwell’s magical voice locking you in the moment
  • Bryan Kest, wearing a Bruce Lee t-shirt, cursing like a truck driver and leading a group dance party to Sexual Healing
  • David Magone ending with a savasana that put me to sleep, in the best way possible
  • All while surrounded by cruelty-free food stands, juices, and other small businesses 

All in the name of charity, seva, for children... 

Yoga is my meditation. It is a moment in time to focus on the breath, be grateful for your ability to move, and to truly be in the moment. I found yoga in high school during a time when I needed to slow down my mind and appreciate my body. I continue to practice yoga at the ripe age of 31 and pray to the universe that I will continue to stay well enough to practice until I leave this earth. 

I never practiced straight mediation until I was preparing for childbirth. I had an intense experience up ahead so I required a sound mind and body in order to get through it. At this time in my life, I no longer sit and meditate as I did while pregnant but I do continue to practice yoga. Yoga is my meditation. I was due to have my son around May 13, 2014. I was hoping to make it to YRO since I assumed I would deliver him late. However, he decided to come on April 27, the day of YRO 2014. Imagine I signed up and delivered him there... thank goodness - one can only imagine!

I am grateful to have the ability in 2015 to practice yoga, meditate, at Gillette Stadium full of yogis, all while giving back to such valuable causes. It is an honor, a privilege, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

If you want to help Ali to reach her fundraising goals, sign up for her benefit Piloxing class - Saturday, March 7, 2015, at 12pm. You can sign up on the Studio Poise schedule, but hurry - spots are going fast, because #poisenation knows that Ali's piloxing classes can't be beat! This is a "pay what you can" donation-based class; please bring your donation with you to class on Saturday. We hope to see you there!