Special Guest Saturday: Andrea Blasdale

From time to time, we like to hand the blog over to one of our amazing instructresses to let them share their stories. Andrea Blasdale joined our team last year after first joining #poisenation as a client. Whether you've caught one of her classes, or sparkled next to her on the mat, Andrea's energy and passion for fitness is irresistible! Andrea, take it away!

How does one “find” fitness? Well, I strongly believe that each of us discovers a healthy lifestyle in our own way – some through tragedy, some through a health scare, and some through pure curiosity (among other life events, of course). I’ve never spoken much about how I found fitness and developed such a strong love for it, but I’ve come to realize that it’s so important to share stories. We share stories to find others who may have a similar story, and therefore come together to transform ourselves into better people. Here is mine, in a nutshell…

I always loved to be active. As a child, my mother let me experiment with anything that sparked my interest, and therefore I played softball and basketball, I danced ballet, I became a cheerleader, and I did anything that involved running around and releasing all my energy. I loved to be busy and consumed by physical activity. As time went on and the relationship I was in grew more and more serious, I allowed that to become my number one priority. I worked full-time, I went to school full-time, and I was taking care of everyone else before taking care of myself. Before I knew it, I was planning a wedding while finishing college and applying to graduate school. I wanted to have the life I had always dreamed of: a home of my own, an education, a well-paying job…and a husband. I was 22 years old and well on my way to the majority of that list.

I felt so accomplished, knowing that I had already crossed so many items off my “to do” list. Unfortunately, I had also crossed myself off that list. I lost sight of who needed love, respect, and attention – me. In the midst of it all, I started feeling less than worthy to someone who I believed loved me no matter what – including what I looked like. That belief shrunk as the days went by, and no matter how hard I tried, it fell apart. I was left with the shell of the life I had been so busy planning for, and then I had nothing. It took a long time to bounce back from a failed relationship – one that made me think I didn’t deserve to be happy or feel beautiful in my own skin.

I finally got out of my funk and took my first class at Studio Poise. I loved every second. It made me sweat, it made me sore, and it was a challenge. I knew I would be back for more, and that’s exactly what I did. I made going to class a priority at least 5 to 6 times a week and I was eating better, and before I knew it, the pounds were dripping off and I could see muscles in places I didn’t even know existed! I was so inspired by the energy and welcoming nature of Studio Poise and its instructresses. Eventually, I took the plunge to become an instructress myself, and I found myself attending certification classes and training more than I ever had in my entire life. I even developed a love for running and yoga – who would have thought? I look back at the rough patch in my life that made me feel lower than the lowest low and smile, because without that to bounce back from, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. I am thankful for the hard times, and for the opportunity to give #poisenation the same energy and welcoming nature that I felt on the first day I walked through that door.

Thank you ALL for your support – whether I take a class with you, you take a class with me, or if we just chat in the lounge. You make all of this worth it! <3

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Andrea - and thanks for bringing your energy and sparkle to SP! Don't miss Andrea's Piloxing Xpress class, held every Sunday in Lynnfield at 11:30am.