Tip Tuesdays: Combining classes

While every class offering at Studio Poised is designed to be a full body workout, you can take your fitness to the next level by combining classes. Today's Tip Tuesday is all about how to strategically double or even triple up your classes to help achieve your fitness goals in record time!

Every class at Studio Poise will give you a great workout, but they do so in a number of different ways. We offer classes that are start to finish cardio blasts, but we also feature classes that focus in on toning or strength. Trust us, no matter how you build your schedule, you will see results from taking our classes. But if you've hit a plateau in your fitness goals, if you feel like you're stuck in a rut, or if you want to shake things up and push yourself further, combining classes for a double or triple session will seriously accelerate your results.

We don't advocate just combining any old classes for a double or triple, though. There's a way to strategically combine classes to hit on the different types of fitness. Sure, you could just stack cardio classes on top of each other, but that won't give you the same results as mixing up cardio, strength, and toning classes.

Today's blog is kicking off a series that we'll continue to feature throughout the month of November, highlighting some of our favorite double and triple combinations. These classes have been selected by our phenomenal Instructress team, building on principles of fitness and personal training to ensure that we're helping #poisenation to get the results you deserve. This blog series will run in conjunction with our November "Try 2 or a Few" challenge, which rewards your extra efforts with great prizes and a chance to win a month of free unlimited classes. You can register at any time throughout the month! Email Danielle if you want to get in on the fun.

To kick off the series, we just had to feature the one and only #OGDouble. Danielle's Tuesday Double has been on the schedule since Studio Poise opened its doors, and it remains a favorite among loyal Poisers. This combo has endured for three years for a reason - it hits the perfect combination of strengthening and cardio to deliver maximum results in less than ninety minutes. 

By kicking off the double with Poise Xpress, you're getting your body warmed up and ready to go. Over the forty minutes on the mat, you'll work on strengthening and toning every major muscle group. You'll see improvements in your flexibility, and your core will become stronger. Poise will also help you to focus on your breathing. Zumba, in contrast, is a cardiovascular workout that gets you moving. You'll see higher heart rates in the second half of this double, and higher impact moves. Carry some of the Poise techniques into Zumba for an even better workout -- keep your core engaged while busting out those dance moves and you won't believe the results on your waistline!

This double is so popular because it gives you great results without being too physically taxing. You should avoid taking two high-impact classes in a row, especially if you're recovering from an injury or have weaker joints. This double combines a low-impact Poise mat routine with the high-impact dance cardio in Zumba. Best of all, the results don't end when you finish your Zumba cool down! The combination of cardio and strength training will kick your metabolism into overdrive, and you'll see increased caloric afterburn in the 12-24 hours following your class.

Join us tonight and every Tuesday for Danielle's #OGDouble, and stay tuned for more featured double and triple class combinations in the coming weeks!