Tip Tuesdays: Thanksgiving Survival Strategies

Thanksgiving is upon us! We love this holiday, which encourages us all to take time to reflect on all that we are grateful for in our busy lives. And who are we kidding... we also love the food! Think it's impossible to stay poised and chic on a holiday with such a focus on food? Think again. We're here to help with some survival strategies!

Look for "Smart Swap" opportunities

We get it. It can be hard to mess with the perfect family stuffing recipe that has been passed down for generations. But that doesn't mean you can't look for other opportunities to make some smart swaps in your recipes! If a recipe calls for sour cream, consider using Greek yogurt instead. Include veggies and hummus in your appetizer spread instead of a platter solely devoted to cheese and crackers. Opt for whole grains wherever possible - swap whole wheat flour instead of white in your recipes, and I'm betting grandma won't even notice if you use whole grain bread instead of white bread in her perfect stuffing recipe!

Get out of the kitchen.

If your family is anything like mine, you probably spend a lot of time congregating in the kitchen so you can catch up with relatives while tending to the meal. It's important to get this quality time in, but be careful when you're in the kitchen! It's all too easy to mindlessly pick at food that's sitting out while you're chatting - and to keep refilling that glass of wine, since the bottle's sitting right there! Try to keep the kitchen for cooking, and relocate to another room to catch up in between basting sessions.

Choose a smaller plate.

It's human nature - if there's space available on the plate, we're going to fill it up. So choose a smaller plate! Smaller plate = smaller portions. It's also important to use a plate for everything you consume. If there's an appetizer buffet, select a few to try, put them on a plate, and walk away; don't stand at the buffet chatting with great aunt Nancy, only to realize you've accidentally eaten nine stuffed mushrooms over the course of the chat. The act of using a plate helps to keep you aware of what you're choosing to consume.

Thanksgiving isn't a rest day - get active!

Thanksgiving is a day about expressing gratitude, so show your body that you are grateful for all you're able to do. Studio Poise has a few class offerings Thursday morning (7:15am Piloxing with Diana and 8am SPiit with Janie), but if you aren't able to make it to Lynnfield to sweat with us, you still have options. If you're up early to get the turkey in the oven, take some time to yourself to do some yoga or to go for a run before the rest of the family descends on your house. Take time after dinner to go for a walk before tackling the dirty dishes. You'll feel better if you're able to be active for even 30 minutes out of your day! 

Take time to enjoy the day.

This meal takes a lot of time and effort to prepare - it should last longer than twenty minutes! Don't forget to take time to enjoy your friends and family during the meal. Encourage everyone to share what they're grateful for this year. If the conversation is flowing freely, you'll linger over dinner, and your body will have a chance to realize it's full before you go back for seconds. Conversation will force you to eat more slowly, and you'll end up eating less.

Most importantly: Thanksgiving is only one day.

One day will not make or break your hard work. This isn't an excuse to ignore all of these other tips, but at the end of the day, one holiday won't destroy your progress, as long as you jump right back into your healthy habits on Friday. To help with that, we've got a few options! You can join us for Turkey Bootcamp - since our 9am session sold out, we added a second session, starting at 9:45! This 90 minute special class will combine SPiit, Poise, and Strike a Poise! for the ultimate combination of cardio, HIIT, and toning. If you feel like you need more sustained motivation to help you get through the holidays, then check out our special Get into Gear Before the New Year plan! Janie Soehl will be offering this four week program, which runs 11/30 - 12/28, for only $100. The program includes weekly SPiit classes (5:30am Mondays) which will be followed by weigh-ins, measurements, and weekly progress check ins. In addition to this weekly session, you'll receive nutrition guidance, daily messages to keep you motivated, and access to a group Facebook page to keep you accountable. All participants will also get 15% off Janie's online nutrition and workout planning tools for the month of January, and the winner will receive two free personal training sessions! Click the link above to register or email Janie for more information. 

Poisenation, we are grateful for you each and every day - for the energy you bring to the studio and for the community you've established! Have an amazing Thanksgiving!